Transgenderism as a sub-ideology of modern-day Marxism in America has become a whip of terror for everyday Americans that few could ever have foreseen.

Imposed in more and more ways upon the American public under the transgenderist, wokeist Biden administration, that vicious ideology is wreaking havoc on American communities and destroying the young lives of innocent children while claiming to be making them better.

Marxists of various types have taken over not just America’s higher education, but also, increasingly, school boards and the K-12 schools they are in charge of.

Transgenderism, alongside wokeism, and COVID-19 mandates has been one of the top three issues discussed at public school board meetings across the country, with outraged parents trying to make their voices heard against the censorship of the far left.

One of the most shocking recent cases in that regard has been that of Scott Smith, a 48-year-old father from Loundoun County, Virginia, who was trying to tell a school board meeting that his daughter was sexually assaulted in the girl’s bathroom by a biological boy claiming to be transgender.

How father defending his raped daughter got demonized?

Instead of being heard, during the Loudoun County school board meeting in Leesburg, Virginia, on June 22, however, Smith was dragged out by force and arrested.

He has now revealed the true story of what happened in an interview for The Daily Wire: namely, that he was trying to tell the school board and those other present that his daughter was raped by a skirt-wearing boy in the girls’ bathroom.

According to his account, his daughter was sexually assaulted on May 28 at Stone Bridge High School by a boy taking advantage of the school’s transgenderist bathroom policies in order to gain access to the girls’ bathrooms and commit the rape.

As Smith’s dragging out and arrest on June 22 was photographed, he was mocked on social media by left-wing morons who portrayed him as a far-right bigot.

Little do they care about the truth: that their leftist policies of forcing transgenderism upon America’s youth actually enabled a rapist to sneak in the girls’ bathroom and violate a girl while claiming that he is “gender fluid” or some other nonsense.

Smith’s dragging out of the school board meeting in Loudoun County was actually the result of him exploding with rage after the ultra-liberal staff of the school denied having ever received a report about the rape committed by a transgender student on May 28 – whereas the father says that this is exactly what he reported to the school.

It would be no surprise if the ultra-liberal leftist school staff is lying in order to cover up the consequences from their vicious transgenderist policies.

Ultra-liberal school denying transgenderist bathroom rape

The outraged father disclosed that the Loudoun County school board made all kinds of efforts in order to protect the juvenile skirt wearing sexual predator who raped a girl – Smith’s daughter – at the same time, the board has vilified the parent trying to protect his victimized child.

Smith says that he has been forced to keep quiet and “wait this out”, in the “most powerless thing” that he has ever experienced.

He explains that he and his wife are gay-friendly but that transgenderism imposed on children is a different story.

Smith also revealed how when he got called up to the school after the assault, the school staff chose not to call the police and to handle the assault internally.

After the father got outraged, the school called the police on him.

Subsequently, the skirt-wearing boy sexual predator teenager who was 14-year-old at the time of the assault was arrested two months after the school board in June and was charged with forcible sodomy.

It is just unbelievable that anybody – in this case Marxists on all levels in the education system – would impose policies in favor of an ideology such as transgenderism that would actually create conditions for crime and injustice while rectifying practically no injustice whatsoever – contrary to what their proponents may claim.