Superman goes bisexual! How many more gay, trans, bisexual superheroes do we need? Who is next?

The ideology of transgenderism is a particularly repugnant brand of identity politics seeking to atomize the American society based on the invention of countless made-up “gender identities”.

Probably the biggest problem with transgenderism, however, among the main grave issues that its imposition upon the US society causes, is the fact that it is being ruthlessly promoted and imposed on very young, completely innocent children – potentially ruining their lives for good.

Just like its equally ugly twin, woekism, transgenderism is permeating the entirety of popular culture – and for a while now it’s been targeting comic books and superheroes.

‘LGBTQ’ superheroes – what’s not to like?

This time, however, transgenderism identity politics scored a big win by conquering one of the biggest superheroes ever – Superman.

Well, actually, Superman’s son and heir apparent – whom DC Comics has now announced to be “bisexual.”

What an inspired new identity for Superman.

Sexual identity.

No, wait, “gender identity” as the transgenderist dogmas would have it.

It isn’t outright gay, and it isn’t trans either, it’s the “omnivorous” kind – apparently, DC Comics did some deep thinking and decided that this way the pro-transgenderist change would be more easily “digestible” for the mainstream public.

So the guy who has now been made “bisexual” is Jon Kent, who is the son of Superman / Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

Jon Kent in July 2021 assumed the mantle of Superman as DC Comics launched a new series entitled “Superman: Son of Kal-El.”

So while the transgenderism ideology conquest of “Superman” is a big win for vile Marxists seeking to impose the exceptions to the detriment of the rule, the bisexual Superman isn’t the first “gender ideology” superhero – he’s just an expansion of a growing LGBT list.

DC Comics back in August also declared Tim Drake’s version of Robin, Batman’s sidekick, to be bisexual, in “Batman: Urban Legends #6”.

In 2019, the new Aquaman was confirmed as gay in “Young Justice: Outsiders”.

Even prior to that, back in 2016, a DC Comics writer proclaimed Wonder Woman to be bisexual.

The transgenderist and gender identity ideology has also infected Marvel, DC Comics’ main rival in the superhero universe.

In 2019, the first Marvel character to become LGBTQ was Valkyrie, who was featured in the movie “Thor: Love and Thunder”.

Of course, the Marxist gender identity push goes back a while as American Marxism began preying upon sexuality as a means of forcing “class struggle” decades ago.

Thus, the very first gay superhero of Marvel Comics was Northstar, according to a New York Times report from 1992.

Destroying normalcy

The march of transgenderism and “gender identity” politics seems unstoppable and is posed to poison further American youth as the Marxists are eager to brainwash our young generations that there is nothing normal.

They have made up countless gender identities and have weaponized them as a means of pitting children against their parents in order to completely destroy the fabric of American society.

Marxism forces youth to think there is no normalcy, because as long there isn’t a notion of normalcy – the Marxists can go ahead and obliterate the normal institutions and customs of American democracy, freedom, and traditions – and replace them with a far-left anti-utopia, which is what they want.

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