The Tampa Bay Buccaneers released a statement that Joe Gruden, former Las Vegas Raiders coach, will be removed from their Ring of Honor, thereby distancing themselves from the comments made by the former Super Bowl winning coach.

Joe Gruden was included in the Ring of Honor of the Buccaneers in 2017, as he won the 2002 Super Bowl as their head coach.

This statement followed the resignation of Gruden that took place after a “scandalous” discovery of his past emails that contained open insults directed to the LGBTQ+ community, alongside racial insults.

Joe Gruden will be replaced with a generic lookalike

The Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s statement included their views on the Gruden situation.

They’ve stated Gruden’s actions go against their core values, even though their former head coach contributed significantly to the game in modern history, and also singled out their advocacy for positive changes in the areas of gender equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Like that wasn’t enough, EA Sports, the company that made a long-anticipated Madden NFL 22 video game, announced they also don’t want to be associated with Gruden’s actions and that they will be removing him from the game.

On the other hand, wokeist fans were thrilled about the game as EA Sports announced that Colin Kaepernick would make a comeback, although his skills on the field were at best - questionable.

EA Sports also emphasized their commitment to spreading equality and inclusion and that Gruden will be replaced from the game with a generic lookalike in the upcoming weeks.

How the Joe Gruden scandal started

The controversial case started when the Wall Street Journal published an email sent to Bruce Allen in 2011 about DeMaurice Smith.

The email was sent by Gruden describing the size of DeMaurice lips, comparing them to Michelin tires.

After the story leaked, Gruden stated that he was upset at the then executive director of the NFL Players Association and that he didn’t mean anything serious.

He also declared that he doesn’t have any racial bones in his body and proved it through his work with players of all races during his long career.

However, just a couple of days later, The New York Times published a set of emails sent to Allen from Gruden and some other people, including numerous homosexual insults, hate speech toward female referees, and other NFL players.