Whatever merit the notion of “cultural appropriation” might once have head, if any, it is completely gone as the vile wokeist crowd has reduced it to sheer absurdity – as with anything else that it has gotten its dirty hands on.

Under the guise of fighting injustice and “racism”, the Marxist fight against “cultural appropriation” is actually causing more injustice, not to mention the ridiculousness to which it boils down the entire concept and those who voluntarily or forcibly succumb to it.

A fresh new development now apparently shows that the production of moccasins, the traditional Native American animal hide shoes, is “racist”, cultural appropriation-y, and just plain evil – unless the owner of the respective business happens to be a Native American.

That is, of course, an utterly moronic notion – but the wokeist crowd armed with the Twitter and other Big Tech weapons doesn’t take “no” for an answer, and doesn’t care about any rational arguments, either.

Thus, Minnetonka, a Minnesota-based shoemaker, bowed down to the pressure of the radical leftist, wokeist mainstream, has issued an apology because it has been producing moccasins for 75 years while daring not to be owned by Native Americans!

What a crime against humanity that is right there!

In essence, the statement of the Minnetonka company saw it atoning for having made money from what is described as a “cultural appropriation” – since it has benefitted from the sale of “Native-inspired designs” but hasn’t been directly “honoring Native culture and communities.”

Because of that, the company declared that “we deeply and meaningfully apologize”.

Of course you do.

What choice do you have when faced with the possibility of being canceled altogether from life by the angry wokeist online mobs.

Pretty soon the wokeist Marxists might want to have anybody accused of “cultural appropriation” just surrender his or her business to the respective ethnic and national group – that would be deemed “justice” and “progress” – whereas it would just be a lie and further injustice.

Or there might have to be a cultural appropriation police going around and monitoring that only Chinese people in the US make Chinese food, and only Mexicans cook Mexican food, and so on, and so forth.

Going wokeist, appointing political commissar

David Miller, Minnetonka’s CEO, declared that the company statement is meant to acknowledge the fact that his not a Native-owned business, and vowed to do more for indigenous communities.

He added that Minnetonka for the first time publicly admitted “using Native American culture” to make money back in the summer of 2020 – apparently in the wokeist outburst after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Miller said that his company’s apology to the Native Americans “was long overdue.”

Minnetonka also announced it had also hired a Native American person as a “reconciliation advisor”.

The advisor is Adrienne Benjamin who is a Minnesotan, Anishinaabe, and a member of the tribe of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe.

Her job would be to help the moccasin maker “outreach to Native American people” simply because it dares to produce moccasins – perhaps a political commissar of sorts.