Aggressively and forcefully imposed on the American public and especially on America’s youth already at a very early age, transgenderism is an extremely valuable weapon in the arsenal of today’s American Marxists as it tries to obliterate, on the perception level at least, the difference between men and women.

Pro-trans Instagram

This helps the far-left to destroy the proper, traditional American values of family and religion, and disseminate a wide range of lies about made-up gender identities ripping up the fabric of US society.

The promotion and imposition of transgenderism as a “legitimate” mainstream practice has been aided tremendously by Big Tech, the far left’s technological ally, which isn’t just empowering social media mob violence but is also highly efficient in censoring any voices of truth, reality, and science.

In the latest outrage, Facebook’s even more repugnant alter-ego, Instagram, has censored a post by Colin Wright, an evolutionary biologist, who posted data from a scientific paper showing that biological men are stronger than biological women in sports.

The information proves that the same remains true even in the case of biological men identifying as women, or “trans women”, as transgenderism has made it fashionable for them to be known.

The data in question is connected with the increasing and utterly idiotic push by transgenderist Marxists to legitimatize the participation of biological men in women’s sports.

That is clearly not just insane but also completely unfair, as it is obvious that the former would have a tremendous natural advantage over the latter – and this much has been proven already by “trans” athletes – and female athletes and old-school feminists crying bloody murder over the entire practice.

Censoring real science, real scientists, and reality

The paper that Wright cited shows that men have a strength advantage over women in sports ranging from 10% to 50%, depending on the sport.

It also casts doubt over the practice of the International Olympic Committee to have “trans women” athletes, i.e. biological males having the impudence to seek to compete in women’s sports, oftentimes just for an easy win, to take medication to reduce their testosterone level beneath a certain threshold for 12 months prior to the respective competition.

The scientific research cited by Wright shows that this achieves barely a 5% reduction in the strength of the biological males.

Even after three years of therapy, biological males still retain a strength advantage over females.

Instagram not only censored Wright’s post, which is a peer-reviewed study from the Medicine and Sports Journal, one of the top sports academic journals since 1969, but it also prevented him from appealing the censoring by showing that the post has already been reviewed.

As this transgenderism censorship incident demonstrates, the nasty alliance between far-left Marxism and Big Tech is already creating a realm of anti-science and censorship of thought, truth, and reality, which is going against common sense, and against all that’s good and pure.

It remains to be seen how far big-tech Marxism will be able to push this anti-truth and anti-science on the American public and the world.