WATCH how Joe Rogan completely DESTROYS CNN for lying about Ivermectin being `horse dewormer' as CNN medic has no explanation

Popular podcast host Joe Rogan has exposed CNN for the fraud that this top far-left propaganda machine oftentimes is: in this particular case, for describing the human-use medicine ivermectin as being a “horse dewormer.”

Rogan had Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s chief medical correspondent, on his vastly popular podcast.

As the former kept asking the latter about CNN’s “lies”, Gupta just didn’t know how to explain them and kept beating about the bush.

CNN’s horse dewormer lie

Rogan, on his $100 million worth Joe Rogan Podcast, tackled the topic of using ivermectin, an anti-parasitic drug, as an anti-COVID-19 medicine.

Earlier this year, Rogan contracted the coronavirus and revealed to his viewers and followers that he was taking a wide-ranging cocktail of medications, including ivermectin, and managed to recover in about 3 days.

Rogan’s revelation back then was met with ridicule by the liberal leftist mainstream media propaganda machines whose reports and social media posts mocked him for taking a “horse dewormer” medication, and lambasted him for spreading misinformation about the treatment of the COVID-19 infection.

Rogan’s use of ivermectin, however, was actually prescribed by a doctor, and he was taking the medication’s version designed for humans, not the veterinary substance.

On Wednesday’s “The Joe Rogan Experience,” the popular libertarian host just grilled CNN’s chief medic Gupta over his network’s lies.

As Gupta said he is glad that Rogan has recovered, the host retorted that his guest is probably the only CNN person out there who is glad about that.

Rogan also told Gupta he should really be concerned by the fact that CNN is “lying about people taking human drugs versus drugs for veterinary.”

“It’s a lie on a news network”, the host instituted, emphasizing that CNN lied about ivermectin consciously, not by mistake, when they kept describing the medication as veterinary medicine.

Gupta in response reminded of an actual “snarky” social media post by the FDA which told people that they are not cows or horses for them to be taking ivermectin.

They shouldn’t have said that

Rogan, however, wasn’t distracted and kept pressing Gupta on the deceitful coverage of his own COVID-19 ordeal and the treatment using ivermectin.

Eventually, Gupta had to concede that CNN “shouldn’t have said” that ivermectin is just a “horse dewormer”, and he said he has no idea why his network kept lying about it.

He also admitted he didn’t ask the network why that was the case as he prepared to appear on The Joe Rogan Experience.

Rogan ended up just destroying CNN, emphasizing how useful ivermectin’s human drug version can be in treating COVID-19 in combination with other drugs, as testified to by his personal experience with the disease and the respective treatment.

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