A time has come when white Americans are increasingly becoming the target of racism simply because they “let their guard down” and allowed Marxists of all colors, white included, to saw doubt over the very foundations of the American republic, American democracy, and American freedom.

While the Marxists are after America’s destruction in order to replace it with a far-left dictatorship of their own, a potentially omnipotent one since it will be backed by Big Tech, the wokeist brand of Marxism is in fact ridden with anti-white racism from top to bottom.

White ‘untermenschen’

Many of the wokeists aren’t out of “social justice” or any other kind of justice.

They are out for revenge against the “white race”, including, but not only, because Marxism has brainwashed them into believing that white people are daemons who have victimized everybody else.

The truth is, of course, different, and in the worst-case scenario white people haven’t victimized other races any more than other races have victimized white people.

If whites have prevailed in certain regions, that is due to a combination of natural factors, technology, and, in the case of the US, the Anglo-Saxon political system and work ethic.

None of that matters to Marxists who are stoking a race-based class struggle to come to power, with anti-white racism being unleashed as a result.

Much of it goes by the Nazis’ “classic playbook” of dehumanizing the racial or ethnic group that you wish to exterminate or at least subjugate – hence the constant demonization of white people in today’s America portraying them as nothing but extremely vicious “untermenschen.”

A fresh example of relatively “benign” anti-white racism comes from an “anti-racist” event at Elizabethtown College, a private university in Pennsylvania, which has barred whites from attending.

The event is dedicated to “racism” and “white supremacy”, however, “the alleged perpetrators” aren’t allowed to attend it, reports The College Fix.

That is the first event out of a total of three in a series called “Mediocre + Multimedia Content.”

The description of the event in question says that it is only for those who “identify as individuals of color.”

Deprived because of (white) race and ethnicity

The racially segregated, anti-white racist event designed to fight “white racism” was lambasted by FIRE, the Philadelphia-based Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, which is a non-ideological and nonpartisan NGO dedicated to protecting free speech.

FIRE said that colleges such as Elizabethtown “may not deprive” anyone of educational opportunities “on the basis of their race or ethnicity.”

The free-speech nonprofit emphasized that “such segregation is unlawful” as it claims that certain people have nothing to gain or contribute solely due to their skin color.