An American university has begun to celebrate a brand-new holiday; Plus Size Appreciation Day!

Point Park University, located in the heart of Pittsburgh, advertised the celebrations on the 6th and 7th of October via their Instagram feed, encouraging students and other followers to join them in “celebrating plus-sized bodies.”

Let’s celebrate heart attack!

The university marked the plus-size celebrations throughout their social media channels, encouraging others to get involved and appreciate a variety of bodies.

They encouraged attendees and social media followers to embrace the celebrations by “decorating mirrors with positive affirmations.”

The original Instagram advertisement posted before the celebrations depicted a plus-sized woman donning a bikini whilst sitting with her feet pressed together, with her hands gripped on top of them.

The holiday celebration that was adopted by the university originated from a website known as, which describes the holiday as recognizing “the gorgeous men and women who are larger than life in so many ways.”


The holiday’s website also features advertisements from other plus-size appreciate company’s, such as and FabUPlus Magazine.


While marking the holiday on Twitter, one woman declared that God had created her to be “depressed, but delicious. Sad, but sexy. Stressed, but exquisitely dressed.”

She then went on to declare that plus-sized people across the country are “resilient and beautiful babes.”

She forgot the whale part.

Numerous plus-sized celebrities have also jumped on the holiday, celebrating it via their Twitter profiles.

Model Hunter McGrady was one of the first, posing in a swimsuit for SportsIllustrated.

Tess Holiday was next up, posing in a white dress on top of a large seashell for a piece produced by writer Amanda Shapiro, addressing the model’s acceptance of her figure and her battle with anorexia.

The celebration of Plus Size Appreciation Day is one of many events that Point Park University marks throughout the year, including National Coming Out Day, Indigenous Peoples Day, and Hispanic Heritage Month.