Famous Fox News host Tucker Carlson made fun of the announcement that the U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg decided to go on paternity leave after the adoption of two children.

A 39-year-old Buttigieg, who has been married to his husband Chasten since 2018, adopted a girl named Penelope and a boy Joseph in August and has been on paternity leave since then.

Carlson particularly criticized Transportation Secretary’s decision to go on leave during the inflation crisis that caused ruptures in supply chain systems across the U.S.

The Fox News anchor alleged that Buttigieg tried to eschew his duty at the time when an increase in shipping costs led to empty shelves across U.S. cities.

Carlson sarcastically suggested that Buttigieg might have had to learn “how to breastfeed” during his paternity leave.

The famous host added that it is entirely clear that the crisis was caused by an increase in money supply which significantly devalued the U.S. dollar.

Carlson also reported that the Transportation Secretary expressed his “amusement” with the incapability of container ships to enter the U.S.

Online and real-world reactions

Many social media users voiced their criticism of Carlson’s remarks, typically characterizing them as “homophobic.”

Others pointed to what they viewed as a lack of Buttigieg devotion to the problems the country is facing.

Some of the major criticism of Buttigieg’s behavior came from some lawmakers.

Republican Senator Rick Scott from Florida and his colleague Gina Raimondo, the U.S. Secretary of Commerce, invited Buttigieg to testify before the relevant Senate committee.

Republican Senator Cynthia Lummis from Wyoming, however, explained to Washington Examiner that more action needs to be taken from the Department of Transportation to address the supply chain issues.

She expressed her impression that the Biden Administration is only focused on the expansion of federal bureaucratic apparatus instead of trying to stabilize the business cycle in the U.S with the existing institutions.

Another denouncement of Buttigieg’s actions came from the Republican Representative Kevin Brady from Texas.

Brady attacked Buttigieg for reacting to the crisis too slowly and helping the U.S. dollar lose its value.

Despite these criticisms, President Biden keeps supporting the actions of the Transportation Secretary.

Buttigieg, who was a mayor of South Bend, Indiana, until 2020, entered the Democratic race for the U.S. president, which he eventually lost to Biden.

Some critics of the current administration, such as Republican Senator Tom Cotton, alleged that, by supporting Buttigieg, Biden wanted to reciprocate for former South Bend mayor’s endorsement of the current President’s election campaign.