One of the wokeist stars of CNN, anchor Don Lemon, has claimed that the far-left propaganda network never “lied” when it said last month that podcaster Joe Rogan took a “horse dewormer” to cure his COVID-19 – a reference to anti-parasite drug ivermectin.

Lemon’s outburst against Rogan and his calling out of CNN’s lies came after earlier this week, Joe Rogan had CNN’s chief medical journalist, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, on his $100 million podcast and grilled him over how the leftist network could tell the public that Rogan was taking a veterinary medication to fight his infection.

In reality, while ivermectin has both veterinary and human uses, Rogan was taking the human version of ivermectin, which was prescribed to him by a physician, and on top of that in a combination with a cocktail of other drugs.

Don Lemon’s fondness of the “horse dewormer” phrase

In his interview with Dr. Gupta, Rogan got him to admit that CNN should not have reported on his ivermectin use as simply the taking of a “horse dewormer.”

After the respective section from “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast with Gupta and CNN’s ivermectin lies went viral on social media, CNN’s chief medical correspondent appeared on the “Don Lemon Tonight” show.

Rather than Gupta, it was Don Lemon who rabidly defended the network, categorically denying any lies on CNN’s part in that regard.

In his tirade, Lemon insisted that ivermectin is “commonly used as a horse dewormer”, therefore it isn’t wrong to call it that.

Gupta agreed with Lemon that ivermectin hasn’t been approved specifically as a drug to treat COVID-19.

He reminded of the really bizarre tweet a while back by the FDA which told Americans that they aren’t cows or horses for them to use ivermectin – but while he was at Joe Rogan’s, Gupta himself, laughing, admitted that the FDA tweet was really weird.

While it might be true that ivermectin hasn’t been specified explicitly as an anti-COVID-19 medication, this would not be the first time when a drug for one condition could be used to treat a different condition.

Medical correspondent on the fence

However, as Dr. Sanjay Gupta was trying to explain the point that Joe Rogan made on his podcast, he was immediately interrupted by Lemon to insist time and again that ivermectin may have been approved for humans but not for COVID-19.

CNN’s medical correspondent affirmed that but explaining how effective the medication is against another disease, the “river blindness” parasitic fever.

However, Gupta, who has been “sitting on the fence” – “neither here, nor there” in this entire argument between Rogan and the lies of the former’s employer, CNN, then added that the fact that ivermectin works against some disease doesn’t mean it would work against another.

In essence, Gupta has been non-committal, apparently being aware that ivermectin could be applied the way Joe Rogan took it but refusing to call out his employer CNN for only presenting the drug as “horse dewormer.”

Of course, this wouldn’t be by far the first case in which CNN is lying around as part of its far-left propaganda - it’s just this time it targeted Joe Rogan, who was bent on exposing its lies.