Wokeism and transgenderism, “gay rights” in the older version of the same ideological dimension, are extremely empowering tools for those arrogant enough to abuse the idiotic self-inflicted vulnerability of the American public with respect to “sensitivity”, “offense”, “hurt feelings” and other manipulation tactics put forth by modern-day Marxism in order to terrorize and rip apart the US society.

They are no different than the nasty “MeToo” movement, in which fake accusations to gain fame, status, money, and so on probably far outnumber any real cases of harassment and abuse.

Using ‘racism’ and ‘homophobia’ to get ahead

Apparently, one of those industrious individuals of high moral integrity, coming simultaneously from the highly oppressed black and gay communities – who has decided to use “anti-racism”, wokeism and “homophobia” and gay rights to his tremendous advantage is Hollywood actor Jussie Smollett, 39.

Smollett, who gained fame with the role of Jamal Lyon in hit TV series Empire, was particularly inventive in that regard, too: apparently, he staged an attack against himself that is both “racist” and “homophobic”, for which he paid two black men, his acquaintances, a total of $3,500 in order to beat him up.

Provided he is proven guilty of that, of course.

Smollett had maintained that two masked (in the non-COVID-19 sense) men assaulted him and beat him up in downtown Chicago back in January 2019, precisely during the filming of a season of Empire.

Several weeks after filing a false report to the Chicago police, investigators concluded that the attack did occur but was staged by Smollett as he paid money to two brothers to do it because he was hoping that will promote his career and salary, with which he wasn’t happy.

Now that’s the kind of entrepreneurial spirit to be admired – plus Smollett happens to be both black and gay, so he was able to claim double hatred against his persona and a double hate crime, assaulting all possible of his identities.

Over the staged attack and the false police report, Smollett had already worked out a deal with the prosecutors of Cook County, Illinois, to do community service and give up a $10,000 bond.

Self-made attack

However, on Friday, a judge rejected his attempt to dismiss a criminal case for lying to the police and set a date for his trial.

The men that Smollett hired to beat him up are brothers Ola and Abel Osundairo.

They were already in police custody from February 13 until February 19, 2019, to be questioned about the incident.

Ola Osundairo works as a personal fitness trainer and did an appearance in one of the episodes of Empire, becoming friends with Smollett.

The City of Chicago later sued Smollett for a total of $130,000, the cost of the investigation.

The case against Smollett was revived by a special prosecutor who charged him with disorderly conduct over the fake police reports.

Smollett’s lawyer Nenye Uche says his client wants to clear his name, The Daily Mail reported.

In September, Smollett told Marc Lamont Hill’s Instagram that he didn’t do what he is being accused of.