If there has been any significant slogan echoed around the country these days, it’s invariably the “F**k Joe Biden!” chant, oops, sorry, the “Let’s Go Brandon!” – for the NBC News viewers at least.

In fact, “F**k Joe Biden!” seems to be the most catchy and enlightened political slogan this nation has had since President Donald Trump’s “America First” and “Make America Great Again” – even if it doesn’t sound that enlightened.

Shielding Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe

Of course, the liberal-leftist-wokeist-transgenderist-progressivist-Marxist hodgepodge has immediately jump to shield their Democrat Sleepy Empty Shelves President Joe Biden by trying to censor the “F**k Joe Biden” chants as much as possible.

An NBC News reporter covering a NASCAR event even made a laughing stock of herself, her network, and the entire leftist media propaganda machine, as noted above, by claiming the chants were saying, “Let’s go, Brandon!”

But the Biden regime is going further than that.

The leadership of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia, whose student started the chant and it then went viral on social media, has now limited the attendance of the school’s football games.

In a Soviet Union-style repression, the students of Virginia Tech, as the college is colloquially known, as well as the fans of their football team, are getting punished for their audacity to defy the abjectly incompetent Democrat President.

As of Saturday, when the school’s football team, the Hokies, is taking on the Pittsburgh Panthers, on the college’s Lane Stadium, the student attendance will be restricted only to the holders of season tickets and ticket lottery winners, plus conduct at the game will be controlled by the college law enforcement, which would ban potential “violators” from the athletic facilities of the college altogether.

Life in the 1960s Soviet Union 101

All of that has been made clear by a release signed by three officials, the VP for Student Affairs, the Chief of Police, and the Athletic Director of Virginia Tech.

The statement even scolds students for exhibiting “selfish, inappropriate, and embarrassing behavior”!

Wow, there’s your history lesson, it’s from the syllabus of “Life in the 1960s Soviet Union 101” course!

The college leadership states that “what we’ve heard falls short” of the school’s standards.

Next they will declare that the students are violating the official party line, and right after that it might as well ship them off to Gulag-type concentration camps.

The idiotic communist ban of Virginia Tech’s leadership of the free political will expression of the students is certain to backfire – but of course, the vile Marxists don’t understand that.

In any case, the bold Virginia Tech students have already made a great contribution to both America’s political history and the fight to topple the incompetent, anti-American regime exemplified by Sleepy Empty Shelves, Joe.