New York City’s war on drugs has ended prematurely in a complete defeat for society and the authorities after the new Governor of New York State, Cuomo successor Kathy Hochul, recently signed a bill into law to decriminalize the sale and possession of heroin drug needles.

This is yet another total abdication of national, state, or local authorities run by Democrats before organized crime and the drug addiction epidemic – exemplified not only by the Biden administration on the federal level but by the likes of Hochul on the state level as well.

Under the guise of compassion but totally the opposite

“The junkies won,” starts a New York Post and Fox News report on the aftermath of the drug needle decriminalization painting a gruesome picture of drug addicts “freely” shooting up in the streets and even sharing needles – as the New York Police Department has surrendered in the war on drug upon “orders” from the New York State capital Albany.

A directive of the NYPD to its commanders issued on October 8 and obtained by The New York Post decrees that no enforcement action should be taken against persons in possession of a “hypodermic needle” even in cases when “it contains residue of controlled substances”.

The newly adopted New York State law backed by the state’s Democrat legislator and its Democrat governor that stipulates the sale or possession of drug needles and syringes is no longer a crime is known as Senate Bill 2523.

State Senator Andrew Lanza (R-Staten Island) is quoted as saying it’s a law that encourages people to “stick a needle” in their arms, pump themselves full of poison, and “lose” their lives.

He lambasted the law for allowing needle sharing contrary to any logic, reason, or science, tremendously increasing the risk of infectious diseases, especially HIV.

Lanza revealed that that the evidently idiotic law was “passed under the guise of compassion” but in reality, it is exactly the opposite as it is only stimulating people to “keep doing” the thing that will kill them.

Overrun with junkies

William Abramson, an NYC real estate executive is cited in turn as being outraged, emphasizing that countless residents of the city are regularly complaining about finding drug addicts passed out in their doorways.

He described the law as “outrageous” and further contributing to the city’s ever more deteriorating quality of life.

The report cites data from the Centers for Disease Control showing that drug deaths in NYC are skyrocketing, with 2,243 victims of drug overdoses in the 12-month period ending March 31, which is a 36% spike compared with the preceding period of the same duration.

Luke Nasta, who is the CEO of a substance abuse treatment center, Camelot Counseling, on Staten Island, described the moronic law as a “monument to how far” America has “deteriorated as a society” with respect to the “misuse of drugs.”

He emphasized the basic truth that the more “permissive” the society becomes towards drug users, the harder it gets for them to rehabilitate.

With NYC and other major cities across the nation already practically overrun with junkies, that’s another fantastic “policy” that we have to thank “progressivist” Marxists for.