The Marxist-Democrat-wokeist anti-utopia is progressing rapidly in those wretched parts of America that are dumb enough to put far-leftists in power!

One of America’s Democrat-ruled capitals of modern-day Marxist wokeism, Portland, Oregon, formerly a proud American city, has succumbed into complete lawlessness as far-left Nazi thugs from Antifa destroyed its downtown and the local police only stood by and watched because of a new law practically prevents them from tackling riots!

The riot at the end of last week in Portland was committed by only about 100 black-clad Antifa Marxist Nazis, who caused half a million dollars worth of damage by smashing windows, spray-painting on buildings, and setting dumpsters on fire.

The far-left storm-troopers riot occurred just as Portland, Oregon, surpassed the milestone of 1,000 shootings in 2021 – thus painting a picture of all-out descent into wokeist chaos and lawlessness.

Dead Antifa bar brawler’s mother uses Twitter to gather thugs and destroy American city

Apparently, the Portland city police stood idle without even trying to stop the Antifa gangsters thanks to a new law in the state of Oregon, House Bill 2928, banning law enforcement from properly tackling riots by prohibiting officers from employing techniques for crowd control such as tear gas and pepper spray.

Without those, the police are left with “follow-up investigations” to supposedly somehow hold accountable violent rioters.

Imagine that: the police being completely devoid of their crime prevention functions!

That is the wokeist reality in Portland.

As the law limiting riot tackling has been clearly defined, the police preferred to stick with the most restrictive interpretation, just to keep themselves out of legal trouble, The Daily Mail reported.

The violent riot in Portland was called up for a memorial for a local Antifa thug, Sean Kealiher, who was hit and killed by an SUV back in October 2019 after earlier that night he got into a fight with the driver.

Kealiher’s mother Laura Kealiher, claims the police have identified the culprits for her son’s death but nobody has been officially arrested and charged.

How ironic it is for the wokeists who love lawlessness when it turns against them.

It was Laura Kealiher who organized the violent riot by posting violent calls on Twitter for “a night of rage and anger” and “not a peaceful event.”

Thanks to Kealiher, House Bill 2928, Twitter, and the intimidated and subjugated status of the local police, the 100 Antifa far-left Nazi thugs destroyed a total of 35 different locations starting at 10 pm last Tuesday – including government buildings, banks, coffee shops, and retail stores.

Riots work

Consider the graffiti they painted all over town: “Riots Work”, “Breaking Windows Is Good”, “Anarchy Means Attack”.

Of course, riots work – they do work when you elect spineless wokeist America haters in power to vote laws destroying law enforcement, and when the local public is totally cowered into submission and scared sh*tless by wokeist and transgenderist nonsense of “hurt feelings” propagated 24/7/365 by the mainstream media Marxist propaganda machines and the Big Tech social media.

What a disgrace for the greatest and grandest democracy in the world, once envied by the entire globe for its law enforcement.

Well, actually, the Republican-ruled parts of America still are, it’s only the Democrat-wokeist-Marxist-dominated parts like Portland, Oregon, where citizens are completely terrorized by the Nazism of the far left.