Say what you will about Democrat President Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe Biden, but the man does have one single strong trait, he excels in at least one thing – and that’s how to be a totally horrendous hypocrite.

He just makes an excellent hypocrite – and so do all the vicious radical leftist Marxists practically running his administration.

Take COVID-19 mask and vaccine mandates.

Sleepy Joe has been all about those, pressing as hard as his party could afford it politically in favor of the all-out imposition of mask and vaccine mandates on the good people of the United States of America, without any regard for their free will.

And without regard for their reason – as one would expect if a certain solution is reasonable, all rational folks to adopt it as per their free will and independent decision, and not because they are forced to do so by some clueless government apparatchik.

After all, this is the United States, the oldest and most coveted democracy in the world, this isn’t Putin’s Russia or Xi’s China, regardless of how much the liberal leftist-wokeist-transgenderist Marxists want to turn America into a far-left totalitarian anti-utopia.

Forget about masks. Joe & Jill did!

All of Sleepy Joe Biden’s spittle-emitting vaccine and mask mandates promotion notwithstanding, the seemingly senile occupant of the White House has just violated brazenly and profoundly the mask mandate of Washington, DC.

That happened on Sunday night as he and his caretaker, pardon, his wife Jill went to a luxury Georgetown restaurant for dinner.

Photographs and footage of Joe & Jill both inside the Fiola Mare, and outside, as they were leaving, released by The Daily Mail, clearly showed the maskless first couple, as they were surrounded by heavily-masked Secret Service agents.

Sleepy Joe at least had the decency to walk out while holding a blue surgical mask in his hand – but he never put it on.

Maybe it slipped his wandering presidential mind as he keeps pondering over our nation’s grave problems – or, better, yet he is trying to come up with ways to create even a lot more of those.

Joe’s wife and apparently main caretaker Jill, who left the restaurant separately after him, didn’t even have the decency to hold a mask in her hand – because why bother?

The rules are for the common folk, not for the “chosen ones”, goes a classic rule of Marxism.

Let us eat cakes

Of course, the Bidens exhibited blatant hypocrisy in more than one way as they went out to dine at the super posh Fiola Mare restaurant.

At a time when greater and greater numbers of Americans all across the nation are struggling to put food on the table, and at a time when the Biden administration-generated supply chain crisis is leaving more and more store shelves empty, Empty Shelves Biden and his “doctor” wife figured they might as well go to a place which serves Royal Oscietra caviar for $250 an ounce.

Next thing we know, a happily smiling, sunny, and naturally maskless Dr. Jill will tell Americans, “Let them eat cakes!” – before snapping out and rushing to catch her Empty Shelves Joe as he is wandering off aimlessly.