The COVID-19 vaccine dictate imposed forcefully by the administration of Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe Biden on the American citizens is causing more and more outrageous damages to this nation by the minute.

The Biden Marxists who imposed it may or may not be concerned with public health but they sure love the power they’ve claimed to force the good people of the United States to do things to their bodies against their freedoms and free will.

One thing they certainly don’t care about, though, is the distress they are causing to countless Americans – and that is already showing in the really big picture through the staggering supply chain crisis.

While the vast majority of human fates uprooted by the COVID-19 vaccine mandates of Biden and his Marxist band remain unknown, a number of the people who’ve been affected are public figures.

‘Separated from the company’

One such person is ESPN reporter Allison Williams who has been fired from her job for refusing to comply with the COVID-19 vaccine mandate imposed on all employees by ESPN owner Disney.

Williams’ reason not to get the vaccine: she and her husband are trying to conceive their second child, and her fertility specialist told them the vaccine might interfere with that.

Does the Disney corporation care about any of that? Apparently not.

In a video on Instagram, the 37-year-old reporter who has been with ESPN since 2011 covering primarily college basketball and football events, explained that she announced as early as last month that she would not be getting vaccinated because of trying to get pregnant.

At first, Williams was only banned from working on college football games’ sidelines this season but on Friday her “accommodation request” was denied, and she will become “separated from the company” as of Monday.

In her video address, however, the reporter stated that, apart from the specific reason of trying to conceive, she also thought over the vaccine mandate matter and stated that she found that in general she is “morally and ethically” opposed to the vaccine mandate.

Williams argued her decision is based on the “same values and principles” that made her a great employee and helped her career success.

Motherhood first, career second

She then courageously declared that even though her career is “incredibly important” to her, her most important role is that of being a mother.

The sports reporter further stated that she wasn’t opposed to the anti-COVID-19 vaccines per se, doesn’t criticize people who are vaccinated, and admits that vaccinations are vital for fighting the pandemic.

However, she categorically declared that being vaccinated at this point in time “is not in my best interest.”

She stressed that she decided to put first her family and her personal health, and that’s that.

Her courage in the face of the overwhelming vaccines imposing and her dedication to motherhood and her family is beyond admirable.