The “F**k Joe Biden!” chant, which started at a college football game at Virginia Tech and has spread like a wildfire all around the country to defy the utterly incompetent, devastating presidency of Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe Biden and his Marxist aides, isn’t letting up.

Not only is it popping up everywhere across the US at public events with mass attendance and has been all over social media but it has now also become the theme of a song that just topped the iTunes charts.

Correction: the attempt to cover it up has actually been the theme and subject of the song, which is entitled using the “F**k Joe Biden” euphemistic alter-ego, originally, the cover-up act of “Let’s go, Brandon.”

Conquering No. 1 on iTunes chart in no time

The “Let’s go Brandon!” song is performed by rapper Loza Alexander – and it first became viral on TikTok before swiftly rising up to the Number 1 spot in the iTunes hip-hop chart.

“Let’s go Brandon” stemmed from the attempt of an NBC News sports reporter, Kelli Stavast, to cover up – most likely consciously – the “F**k Joe Biden” chants at a NASCAR event at Alabama’s Talladega Superspeedway.

Stavast was interviewing winning driver Brandon Brown, and the chants could pretty clearly be heard in the background.

At this point, she deliberately or mistakenly misread them as “Let’s go Brandon!”

The cover-up attempt has backfired so badly that by now “Let’s go Brandon” just means the same thing as “Fk Joe Biden all across America, it’s just used as a less vulgar option for telling Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe to fk off or go f**k himself.

So much so that at a recent college football game, Georgia – Auburn, somebody actually rented an airplane to fly around a giant banner over the stadium sporting the “Let’s go Brandon” phrase.

The “Let’s go Brandon” – i.e. “F**k Joe Biden” song doesn’t have too many lines but it really drives home the message about the real chant, and that it isn’t the cover-up that can be heard in the backdrop of that fateful NASCAR interview.

Nobody wants this commie – cause we are not in China!

In the song, rapper Loza Alexander actually states that the NBC woman “tried to cover up, but tell the people,” “Let’s go Brandon”.

He emphasizes, however, that “we know what they sayin’”, and that the chant can be heard in every (social media) post.

Loza Alexander’s lyrics that follow are actually particularly enlightened, as he states that “don’t nobody want this commie” – apparently referring to Empty Shelves Joe – and then adds, “‘causе we not in China.”

Then the rapper goes to declare that “that’s what they get” for Biden’s mandating “like he’s insane,” and “for treatin’ us like we in Squid Game.”

Nothing else to add there. There’s a case of a particularly worthy song making it to the top of the iTunes chart.