Liberal leftists staffing the rank and file of the Democratic Party and running the federal, state, or local governments have been utilizing the COVID-19 pandemic in order to terrorize the American public with mask and vaccine mandates in a grand experiment to crack down on the free will and freedoms of American citizens.

Inslee the Marxist’s mandate

One of the most repulsively draconian vaccine mandates has been instituted in Washington State – turned into a fortress of liberal Marxism by the Democrats even more so than the rest of the West Coast – by repugnant Democrat Governor Jay Inslee.

Issuing a sweeping vaccine mandate order for all employees of the state of Washington back in August, Inslee impudently told them to “show proof of vaccination” by October 18, “or lose your job.”

As vaccination has been recommended by many leading conservative figures, including President Donald, they have also insisted that it should ultimately be a voluntary act, not one forcefully imposed upon the free citizens of the United States of America.

Thus, one particular state trooper in Washington State’s Yakima County, a veteran with 22 years of service, has refused to have a vaccine, refused to give up his free will, and, fully prepared to leave the job that he loves, has defied the imposing Democrat Governor by stating that “Jay Inslee can kiss my a**.”

The trooper didn’t reveal his name but his last shift was on Saturday night.

A recording of his final message to his colleagues through the radio service – and to Marxist Democrat Inslee to kiss his a** went out on social media garnering lots of support, including from fully vaccinated people.

The trooper told his colleagues over the radio that it was last night on the job since he was asked to leave “because I am dirty.”

He recalled how many ordeals he has been through in the past 22 years doing what he does, how many friends and colleagues he “buried”, losing them in the line of duty, and he gave a heartfelt “thank you” to both his colleagues and to the Yakima County citizens for aiding him in his work and keeping him safe.

That’s when the trooper concluded with the defiant message for Inslee the mandate-wielding Marxist.

The radio operator didn’t leave the trooper hanging and gave back to him praising response for his loyal service and accomplishments.

The operator recalled in his very first year as state trooper the latter delivered a baby while being on patrol – and also that the trooper has been a “great role model and mentor” for his colleagues.


Many of the social media reactions to the recording expressed admiration for the trooper’s strength and have described him being forced to part with his long-time job as “heartbreaking.”

A report by The Seattle Times claims that over 90% of the government workers of Washington State have been fully vaccinated before the deadline of October 18, although thousands have asked for exemptions or extensions.

In September, Democrat President Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe Biden instituted federal vaccine mandates that affected up to 100 million Americans, replicating what the Democrat governors such as Inslee have been doing to their citizens around the country on the state level.

There aren’t that many people who would defy the attempt to crush their free will so categorically as the Washington State trooper of 22 years – and many of us tend to forget that the citizens and their freedom come first, much ahead of state and federal governments whose officials have no right force their will upon Americans on personal health matters.