In light of recent events, an investigation concerning child abuse was launched in a Colorado Springs District 20 school.

The District has launched said investigation due to reports from a concerned mother Stephanie M. after her daughter informed her that a teacher has told her to tape seal her mask to her face!

Later, images of the girl with the mask taped to her face emerged online, prompting immediate backlash from the community.

The mother and daughter took their story to the media to help spread the word.

Furthermore, other information regarding the event has surfaced, including an audio clip of the girl, now known as Rylee M. being given an ultimatum.

She was told to either apply the tape herself or it will be taped forcefully by somebody else.

Further investigation

As a response to these claims, School District spokeswoman Alison Cortez stated that the allegations had only surfaced last week and that valiant efforts are being put into investigating the situation and those involved.

Rylee’s mother spoke to a Fox News affiliate and was concerned that incidents like this one, that enforced a type of restraint on a child, could cause permanent psychological damage to the developing minds of the future of our nation.

Following her statement, other parents spoke up as well.

Another concerned mother, Tori Skeldum, explained that the masking tape incidents aren’t as uncommon as they seem to be, as teachers have been using the tape as a way of “affixing masks to kids’ faces” ever since the year began.

E-mails have been sent out to parents from the district, citing that students have been taping their masks on their own and that the teachers had nothing to do with it.

With so many different versions of the story it is hard to tell fact from fiction, said Cortez.

The aftermath

The incident did have some wind in its back though.

A similar issue came up in Leawood, Kansas after parents claimed the teachers would send students to the principal’s office unless they would tape their mask to their face.

Also last month, a teacher from the Las Vegas area forcibly taped a mask to a 9-year old boy’s face, bringing him to tears and humiliating him in front of his entire class.

These incidents follow a pattern of mask-related controversies, sparking debate on the functionality of the sanitary masks themselves, and in extreme cases even causing physical confrontations between complete strangers.