Power and money are never enough – certainly not if you are Facebook, the preeminent Big Tech company.

Yet, there’s another thing that Facebook covets just as much, and possibly even more: it’s control, total, unbridled control over your life and everything you do.

First ulterior motive

Facebook and the rest of the Big Tech just want you to be “plugged in” all the time, and you have to be plugged into their made-up, virtual world, where they call all the shots, brainwash you as they please, gather all the information they want, use it as they wish, and have you believe that you are “extremely important” in your capacity as a “user”.

A user that’s being used.

Evidently, Facebook’s repugnant chief Mark Zuckerberg is now pressing further on that last point – and he’s making it official: Facebook Inc. is planning to change its name to “Metaverse”, according to a report by The Verge.

A recent explanation by Facebook has it that this “Metaverse” would be “a set of virtual spaces” for you to “game, work, and communicate” with others who are in a different “physical space.”

But of course, why would anybody need in-person interaction for anything?

That’s a thing of the long-gone past.

In the Zuckerberg-Metaverse future, everybody will be a victim of the ultra-atomization and self-isolation of society, and total un-reality – to the great benefit of all the Big Tech Zuckerbergs out there, and the far-left totalitarian political agendas that they serve, and to the detriment of humanity, truth, reality, traditions, values, nature, and that is good and pure.

According to the report about Facebook Inc.’s rebranding as “Metaverse”, the actual “social media” site will probably retain its name, as will its subsidiaries Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, etc. – it will be the umbrella or parent company name that’s getting rebranded.

The Verse report says Zuckerberg is going to unveil the new name of his parent company at Facebook’s “Connect” annual conference on October 28.

Second ulterior motive

With its rebranding, Facebook will be seeking to kill two birds with one stone – or fulfill two huge ulterior motives.

The first is the above-mentioned quest for omnipotence.

But, apart from seeking to promote this sick “Metaverse” vision of you, the user, plugged hopeless into their matrix and reducing your existence to their mercy, there is another ulterior motive behind Facebook’s rebranding, according to The Daily Mail, and that’s “to distance itself from a number of embarrassing scandals.”

The latest of those scandals are the recent revelations by whistleblower former worker Frances Haugen, who released numerous internal Facebook documents covered in a series of chilling reports by The Wall Street Journal about the company’s horrendous practices and their consequences.

Haugen has testified before the US Congress that Facebook is hurting both America’s youth and American democracy, it is aware of it, and still engaging in a wide range of malicious practices because it is choosing the huge profits over any sort of responsible behavior with respect to society.

It’s worth reminding that back in 2019, the Federal Trade Commission slapped a $5 billion fine on Facebook for providing 87 million US profiles for information harvesting for political advertising by British company Cambridge Analytica.

Of course, with all the gigantic profits that Zuckerberg has been making with the trading of everybody’s information, that was just a drop in the bucket.

Zuckerberg-Facebook, however, wants it all: money, power, control – and if it has it all, Zuckerberg-Facebook will want even more.

So beware of the coming Metaverse.