The lies that the liberal leftist mainstream media have been telling the American people cannot be counted, and they have covered practically all topics relevant to politics and public life.

The two most vicious mainstream media abusers of public trust and confidence may well be determined to be CNN and The New York Times – who in recent years have been reduced to nothing by propaganda mouthpieces of ultraliberalism, leftism, Marxist, wokeism and transgenderism, you name it.

Defund the Media!

This time, however, these vicious leftist propaganda machines have been called out on their lies by an angry crowd of protesters at their venues in New York City – and the topic the protesters focused on is COVID-19, the pandemic, and the anti-coronavirus vaccines.

The protest attracted scores of demonstrators last Saturday who marched from Times Square straight to the offices of The New York Times and the broadcast studios of CNN in Hudson Yards, Manhattan, a video report by Cara Castranuova of the Gateway Pundit showed.

Needless to say, the angry protest – in which the protesters, seemingly a racially diverse group, also raised slogans such as “Let’s Go Brandon”, the euphemism for “F**k Joe Biden” – hasn’t been covered by the mainstream media.

The video report captured the indignation of the demonstrators over the “widespread” COVID-19 vaccine lies told by CNN.

Protest organizer, Kevin Peters, of the New York Freedom Rally, emphasized their resentment over both The New York Times and CNN – the marches to their venues set off immediately after the addresses of the rally speakers.

Peters declared that it was a good time to focus attention on “the false narrative” of the mainstream media that “no board certified doctors” or medical experts are against the COVID-19 vaccines.

CNN out to divide us

One protester, Ken Leininger, stated that CNN host Anderson Cooper is a CIA agent who is sponsored by vaccine maker Pfizer, and “lies on the network” every day.

The chants of the protesters outside the CNN venue weren’t limited to “Let’s Go Brandon” and “F**k Joe Biden” – they also featured “Defund CNN”, “Defund the Media”, and “Vaccinate the Media.”

Protester Evette Stark told CNN that “nobody wants to watch you”, while Joy Newball declared that “anything CNN reports is fake”.

Another protester whose name wasn’t revealed in the report emphasized that CNN has been seeking to “divide and conquer us.”

The protester lamented that the American nation is “always being separated” – whether “by sex, by race, by religion” – and right now the segregation is “with vaccinations.”

He called for people to “stop this madness and medical tyranny” and choose their freedom and rights “over” their bodies.