Peter Fray-Witzer, a student at Oberlin College for liberal arts, directed his cries at the student newspaper, The Oberlin Review, having been exposed to the traumatizing act of interacting with cis-gendered men who were tasked with installing heating radiators in his room among others.

Imagine that!

The “maltreated” student claims that an e-mail informing himself and other residents of the dormitory that workers will be installing heating systems in their rooms, was sent only a day up front, leaving them scared and anxious about the terrifying event to come.

The area coordinator for trans and ethnic communities, Josh Matos, tried to reassure Fray-Witzer how the arrival of constructors is just a routine procedure that only takes a couple of hours, and to top it off, the students themselves don’t actually have to be in the rooms while actually useful people do their job.

Fray-Witzer stood his ground, stating that he had not ever been informed of any sort of radiators being installed, even going as far as asking whether his room could be exempt from installation.

That being impossible, Fray-Witzer was mortified, having realized that in less than 24 hours, his safe space would be breached by strangers, and to make matters worse, he assumed that they would probably be straight, cis-gendered men!

The Baldwin Cottage dorm is known for housing women and transgendered individuals, so much so that the college even refuses to give accommodation to cisgendered men on the upper floors of the dormitory.

The student’s privacy had come to be compromised

The poor soul, Fray-Witzer, was confused and angry.

„Why couldn’t I have been told the exact time when the workers would arrive,“ he said, alarmed at the fact he had less than a day to prepare.

As the installation had begun, his suspicions were confirmed as the installation crew had arrived at the door.

Fray-Witzer opened the door to be met by 5 construction workers and a College emissary who tried to comfort him by claiming the work really wouldn’t take that long…

But wait, that’s not all!

Having arrived back to his room from class, he was told that the workers would be returning in the following days to check whether the insulation was installed properly!

Trying to justify his previous concerns, he stated that a large portion of Baldwin Cottage’s residents have suffered some form of sexual abuse or invasion of privacy at the hands of cisgendered men.

Fray-Witzer explained that he understands the need for improving college facilities from time to time but that this could have gone much smoother had the College informed them earlier or given them a choice.

Twitter fires back, mocking the student’s cries

Naturally, this story took Twitter by storm.

On the social media platform, users were shocked with the student’s disconnect with reality, directing their thoughts and prayers at the „traumatized“ and mockingly asking whether there were any survivors after this horrible event.

Pulitzer prize journalist, Glenn Greenwald, sneered at the fact that students paying $80,000/year were discomforted and angry with minimum-wage cis-gendered men „intruding“ on their privacy.

Many others followed, mocking the idea that those whose parents can afford to pay that much for a year at a liberal arts college claim to be oppressed by the guys who get paid peanuts.