Remember the times not so long ago when plain, old, innocent vile feminism was at the forefront of the “progressivist”, far-left cause and of the destruction of great American traditional values?

Good as they were (as in better than today’s), those times are irretrievably gone – simply because monsters tend to give birth to bigger monsters that turn their heads and devour their forbearers.

It’s both funny and not funny at all

This is pretty much what is happening to feminism right now – it’s being cannibalized by a fellow far-left Marxist ideology but one that’s even more vicious and even more repugnant: transgenderism.

And it would’ve been really, really funny, if it weren’t tragic and if it didn’t further bring disasters for American society.

Yet, funny it is nonetheless: the great feminists of old, with all of their past “revolutionary” ire, “grandeur”, and smugness are being wiped out by the new-generation totally mindless social media transgenderist mob.

One-time feminazis are being crushed, chewed, and consumed by trans-loving online Antifa thugs.

Or just decent intellectuals with feminist leanings are being canceled and attacked for being “transphobic” because they insist on defending the rights of women and even the term “woman”.

This has just happened to renowned Canadian writer Margaret Atwood who has been assaulted online by the transgenderist mob for tweeting a simple question in defense of “women” and “womanhood.”

Of course, under transgenderism, anybody could be a full-fledged woman but also everybody must carry the idiotic term “non-binary” or whatever – so out the door goes the “woman” thing.

Atwood just dared timidly ask on Twitter why can’t we use the word “woman” anymore – and all transgenderist hell broke loose on her.

The wrath of modern-day American Marxist was unleashed upon that poor woman’s daring mind as hordes of brain-dead, mindless, despicable transgenderist online orcs descended upon her to snatch her and drag her into the Marxism Mordor.

Atwood is TERF

Because of her defense of womanhood, i.e. of truth and reality, the author of “The Handmaid’s Tale” has been branded as TERF – neologistic idiocy meaning “trans-exlusionary radical feminist” – which the online gangsters have also slapped on JK Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, and comedian Dave Chappelle.

Paradoxically now, Atwood, who has long basked in the support of liberals, is being defended by conservative pundits such as Ben Shapiro.

Even more paradoxically, Atwood is being destroyed by the transgenderist foot soldiers even though in the past she has spoken in favor of equality for “trans” and “non-binary” people.

The way the march of vicious neo-Marxism is going, can we even imagine what will be the next even more horrifying Marxist ideology?