The popular market section of Chicago’s Michigan Avenue, Magnificent Mile, is swarming with shoplifters after the left-wing AG decided to raise the bar and only prosecute shoplifters who steal more than $1000 in goods.

The mandate issued by the State Attorney, Kim Fox, doesn’t assume felony charges for people who shoplift below that sum allowing hundreds of thieves to grab merchandise and go home without any consequences.

Along with Chicago, Washington faces a similar issue, as popular retailers such as Walgreens are closing their stores amid the shoplifting trend.

In addition to that, Chicago’s city security is further endangered with a rising number of cops placed on unpaid leave because they didn’t want to get vaccinated (currently set at 50).

Businesses driven away from the Magnificent Mile

Once the main attraction, Magnificent MIle is now highlighted by empty storefronts and closed retailers.

The culprit seems to be a shoplifting trend that has been on the rise since December 2016, when the State Attorney, Kim Fox, issued a mandate on felony charges limited to those who steal more than $1000 of merchandise.

While the main intention of this mandate was to redirect the focus to more serious crimes the idea backfired as thieves swarm the Magnificent Mile daily, grabbing goods with no one to stop them.

The latest news was about a group of four men who robbed three 7-eleven retail stores in just half an hour.

While they were recorded by the surveillance cameras wearing hoodies and maks no one stopped them and as of Thursday morning not a single arrest was made.

Brian Hopkins suggests it is a serious issue that needs to be stopped

Chicago’s Alderman, Brian Hopkins, stated in his interview for CBS News that the shoplifting trend needs to be stopped as it isn’t only affecting retail businesses but the public safety and the real estate market.

He said that commercial brokers told him that potential Magnificent Mile tenants are skeptical about renting a place in the avenue as they fear that the shoplifting trend is going to continue and that there is no one to stop it.

As a result of the criminal activity, the vacancy rate at the popular market section skyrocketed from 11 percent two years ago to 19 percent as of October 2021.

Popular retailers such as GAP, Tommy Bahama, Forever 21, and a few others closed down their stores on the Magnificent Mile with their representatives suggesting that the prosecuting activity needs to be amended for them to return.