Are you thinking about a career change?

Well, thanks to the administration of Sleepy Joe Biden, now may be the right time to start making serious money!

And of course, all for the wrong reasons.

The past few months in the supply chain have been disastrous from a logistical standpoint.

While cargo ships remain idle for weeks, due to a lack of trucks to move the goods, ports at Long Beach and Los Angeles are overcrowded with empty containers paid for by trucking companies.

The California Trucking Association is calling for a state of emergency suggesting that the supply chain chaos won’t be fixed by hiring 80,000 new drivers.

According to the CTA, the main culprit is the empty shipping containers blocking trucks from arriving at the port and unloading goods to customers.

The trucking industry faces 600,000 retiring drivers by 2028

Chris Shimoda, who is a president of the California trucking Association, reminded the public that the transportation industry has been in chaos for the past few years and that with an exodus of 600,000 drivers by 2028, both major and small trucking companies offer different stimuli to potential employees.

Apart from higher salaries, ranging from $80,000 to six figures, several companies promote local driving opportunities and offer starting bonuses that reach $10,000 to $15,000.

It is all an instrument to hire 80,000 new drivers needed this year and get the supply chain back on its track.

One of the best examples is the US Foods that offers a $15,000 sign-up bonus along with several other incentives such as a retention bonus and a hefty wage of $38.50 per hour.

Not asking for any previous experience, the main requirement is a commercial driving license.

With Christmas closing in, and many of the Holiday-inspired goods stuck in the queued cargoships, using every tool at disposal doesn’t come as a surprise.

Empty containers blocking the port

A few days ago, 160 members of the GOP, led by Sam Graves, addressed the issue by calling President Empty-Shelves Joe Biden to act on the supply chain crisis.

Of course, the Senile President’s Administration has done nothing about it, and they have even called the crisis “good for the American economy”.

In an open letter, they stated that steamships refusing to accept empty containers is a major culprit and the reason why trucking companies aren’t able to unload the goods from the queued cargo ships and deliver them to the final customers.

Apart from overcrowding the port, the empty containers have blocked the chassis used by major trucking companies.

Also, the companies are paying anywhere from $40 to $50 per day to have the containers stored at the spot.

The extra costs of operating a transportation business took their toll on the smaller local companies.

With the intent of solving the supply chain chaos, Governor Gavin Newson issued an order to transfer the empty shipping containers to empty warehouses and alleviate the blockage of the Long Beach and Los Angeles Ports.