President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that he is going to launch “TRUTH Social”, his own social media network, at the beginning of 2022 in order to resist the “tyranny of Big Tech.”

The American public is increasingly crying foul over the unbridled pro-leftist public space dictatorship of Big Tech social media such as Twitter, and Facebook and its subsidiaries, from which Trump has been banned since January 2021 even though he was the elected president of the United States of America – and such a move on part of President Trump has been expected for quite a while now.

Standing up to Big Tech

TRUTH Social will be launched by the newly created Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), and it is going to be a rival to the existing “liberal media consortium” and to “fight back against the ‘Big Tech’ companies”.

The announcement stresses that Silicon Valley has abused “their unilateral power” by “silencing opposing voices in America.”

It also made it clear that the 45th President of the United States will be serving as a chairman of TMTG.

Trump declared he created TMTG and TRUTH Social precisely for the purpose of defying Big Tech’s informational and social media tyranny.

He pointed out that, because of that, at present, the murderous Taliban terrorists actually have a giant presence on Twitter, while “your favorite American President” has just been “silenced,” a situation he described as “unacceptable.”

Trump also noted that “everyone” has been asking him why nobody stands up to the dictatorship of Big Tech – and soon TRUTH Social will be doing exactly that.

A TMTG statement revealed that the TRUTH Social app can already be pre-ordered on the Apple App store.

A beta version for testers is to be launched in November, while the nationwide rollout will arrive in the first quarter of 2022.

Non-wokeist content

Apart from its social media service in TRUTH Social, TMTG is also working on starting a subscription service for video on demand, TMTG+.

The latter is going to be offering “non-woke” entertainment programming, news, and podcasts, among other products.

TMTG+’s corporate operations and oversight will be tasked to Deal or No Deal and America’s Got Talent executive producer Scott St. John.

The announcement also cited Patrick Orland, who is the CEO of Digital World Acquisitions Corp, which is merging with TMTG in order to roll out the new services.

He described TMTG as “one of the most promising business” partners.

TMTG is going to have an initial value of $875 million, potentially adding an earnout of $825 million, for a combined total of $1.7 billion.

If it is a truly free network, TRUTH Social has tremendous potential to restore freedom and justice in American society, and there is certainly a giant need for a “non-woke” and honest video service.

So there is a tremendous amount at stack and President Trump knows it.