Following Australia’s most recently imposed covid restrictions and vaccine mandates, many have taken their opinions to the media, comparing the continent state’s regime to that of Joseph Stalin.

One of those is a successful author and commentator Candace Owens who pointed out the issue herself, even comparing life in Australia to living under the Taliban administration.

She felt it first-hand, as her husband’s family had sent them numerous letters describing the tyrannical covid lockdown in the land down under.

She continued to poke at the matter as she criticized the numerous overly-cautious measures, including, but not limited to imposing travel limits on the citizens, enforcing an early curfew as well as banning gatherings in private homes, all things that are synonymous with imprisoning against someone’s will and, in a way, very similar to the iron fist rule policies in former Soviet Russia.

The Sydney lockdown in full detail

The lockdown in Sydney lasted a full 106 days, starting in late June and remaining in full power up until mid-October, when citizens were finally allowed to leave their homes, and even then, only inside the Sydney local area.

Citizens were rallied off of beaches with helicopters, like livestock, and forced back into their homes regardless of whether social distancing rules were being followed or not.

After providing everyone with insight into life during covid in Australia, Owens boldly stated that the current regime is stripping its citizens of its basic human rights, and commented that maybe, the US should continue its previous endeavors of spreading democracy, only this time in the great southern land.

Ironically enough, Australia was involved in these missions, as more than 39,000 Australian soldiers were deployed as support to the US in Afghanistan, even suffering some minor losses.

Australia’s skirmish with COVID-19

Despite evading a large part of the covid death wave the world has faced, the Australian government still enforced these tyrannical measures throughout the lockdown.

With only 1500 deaths, compared to the US’s 728,000, the UK’s 140,000, and Russia’s 221,000, it really does seem strange to have such strong anti-covid measures in place.

Some have taken their concerns in another direction, joking online that the land down under is now the world’s largest prison (again).

After Candace’s call for help, many took to the streets of New York, demanding that the world sees what’s happening in Melbourne and expressing their support for their Australian kin who refuse to get the shot.

Some argued that what’s happening down there is only the beginning and that it could soon be at America’s doorstep.

Many others preached the same as Owens, one of them being the Fox Newscaster Laura Ingraham, harshly criticizing the continuation of the lockdown even after it had lasted for 7 weeks then.

She then mocked the state government for enforcing the lockdown, to begin with, presenting the fact that New Wales had a case-to-population ratio of 0.004%.