One of the hottest topics in the past few days is the largest news network, CNN, the leftist propaganda machine, calling out a famous podcaster Joe Rogan for taking ivermectin as a part of his COVID19 treatment.

The claims of CNN that Rogan took “horse dewormer” were swiftly denounced by the podcaster himself, requesting an apology and calling Dr. Sanjay Gupta on his show, and that didn’t go too well for one of the most proponent far-left media giants.

While he has gotten support from a few network commentators, the representatives of CNN suggest that they don’t plan to apologize and correct themselves by publishing that Joe took the human-safe ivermectin rather than the “horse dewormer”.

CNN states Joe Rogan is promoting the use of harmful anti-parasitic medication

After reporting that the popular podcaster took ivermectin as a part of his COVID19 treatment in September 2021, the network refused to apologize stating how they “didn’t do anything wrong apart from hurting Rogan’s ego”.

So much for objective journalism today.

CNN continued by suggesting that “publically promoting ivermectin as medication for COVID19 is a question of national safety” as it can endanger millions of people.

On the other hand, Joe Rogan asked the largest television network to amend their report stating that he didn’t take the livestock but the human ivermectin medication.

While some CNN employees expressed their pardons, and many of them encountered huge backlash because of it, Don Lemon, a sexual predator, and one of the most famous network’s presenters suggested that the issue doesn’t lie in whether Joe Rogan used the livestock or the human-safe ivermectin but rather that the anti-parasitic medication isn’t suitable for treating COVID19.

Johantan Reitener, CNN’s medical analyst, expressed that more than 400 people reported ivermectin poisoning in August only and that a popular presenter such as Joe Rogan shouldn’t advertise a harmful medicine.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta was invited to the Joe Rogan Experience

As a part of his battle against the largest television network in the USA, Joe Rogan called Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who is a chief medical analyst for CNN, to discuss the matter on his podcast.

The result could be considered a victory for the famous podcaster as Gupta agreed with Rogan that there is a huge difference between the livestock and the human-safe ivermectin, suggesting that the CNN presenters shouldn’t have said that he took a “horse dewormer”.

After the show, another of CNN employees, Mary Katherine Ham, supported Rogan.

According to the popular political commentator, the network did Rogan wrong and should officially apologize.