Ten months have passed since Biden’s inauguration and the political confrontation between the two parties is still ongoing, with the leftist repression system still going strong against true patriots and law-abiding everyday Americans.

One of the latest cases relating to the riots that happened in January is that of Troy Smocks, a 58-year old man from Dallas who was sentenced to 14 months in prison even though he didn’t break into the White House, while the officer(s) who committed murder are celebrated as heroes by the leftist mainstream media.

Tanya Chutkan is the judge who convicted him of a felony on a charge that he threatened members of the Republican party (“RINO’s”) through social media, as she acted completely oblivious to the fact that bad stuff is said on the internet every single day - and still - nobody gets 14 months jail time.

Troy Smocks suggests that the sentence is a result of his skin color and that he was treated unfairly by the judicial system, but the fact of the matter might be that Mr.Smocks is on the “wrong side” of the political aisle.

Furthermore, he compared himself to Martin Luther King - all claims denounced by the federal judge, Tanya Chutkan.

The sentencing of 14 months came as a result of a federal investigation suggesting that even though Troy Smocks wasn’t present at riots, he was in Washington D.C. and made online threats to “RINOs” while in his hotel room.

He was charged and pleaded guilty to transmitting threats in interstate commerce.

However, the sentencing of 14 months isn’t common for a felony of this type which is why Troy Smocks suggested that he was treated harshly during his court proceedings and that the main reason for that was his race.

On the other hand, the federal judge Tanya Chutkan dismissed the request of his attorney to reduce the sentence to 8 months and suggested that the judicial decision wasn’t made based on Smock’s skin color.

Troy Smocks didn’t deny that he posted a threatening message on the social media Parler.

He admitted to posting a series of tweet-like messages calling people to hunt down Democrats, tech execs, and RINOs.

While he didn’t attend the riots on January 6 he was in the capital at the time and has been arrested on January 15 along with 600 others of which only a few are Afroamericans.

Explaining the 14-month sentencing, the federal judge Tanya Chutkan said that Smocks comparing himself to Martin Luther King is audacious and that the decision wasn’t based on his race.

Furthermore, she justified the maximum sentencing for this felony by saying that he showed no remorse for his threatening actions.