Following the publication of a clip portraying herself performing a mock-Native-American dance, a teacher at John W North High School Candice Reed faced serious backlash on social media.

The teacher donned native headgear and chanted a well-known mnemonic for memorizing trigonometric functions, the „SOH CAH TOA” to her class.

The video went viral after being posted online by Shadae Johnson, a member of an Urban Indigenous Peoples council in Vancouver.

The footage was filmed by a native American student who felt that he was being mocked and that a form of pain was inflicted upon him by his teacher’s actions, of course…

On the whiteboard, a small stick figure surrounded by teepees, wearing a headdress can be seen.

Another video shows Reed jumping up and down on the table as students hide their faces in shame.

She then climbs off the table and shuffles to the corner of the room, exclaiming that the whole thing is ridiculous.

The teacher, satisfied with her performance, hoping that she’d managed to teach her students something new through song, rests at her table and laughs to herself.

But that’s when the troubles began!

Social media backlash

After the clip had gone viral many vocalized their opinions, slamming the teacher for using such an „insensitive” teaching method, saying that it would have been outdated in the 1960s even.

Shadae Johnson, the council member who posted the clip urges that Candace be held accountable for her actions and prosecuted to the full extent of the law under the pretense that she was enforcing violence and discrimination against indigenous students.

Others joined the Twitter feud, claiming that the entire show is pointless as the mnemonic can be taught in a matter of seconds.

After criticism from many, the school board has yet to make any comment, but as it usually goes with Twitter-driven incidents, this one will most likely be short-lived too.

As some have commented, it is possible that Reed simply wasn’t aware that her actions were “offensive” or rude as she has, allegedly, been carrying out this study plan since the year 2012.

Many were seen confused with her behavior as there are many native tribes in the surrounding area but said that the teachers’ actions were most likely without ill intent, regardless of their justifiability.