As though all of the deranged goody-goody celebrity Commie ultra-liberals that are trying to soil American politics with their participation weren’t enough, we now have a particularly repugnant one, and she has a British royal title on top of her undeserved fortune, her impudence, obnoxiousness, and cheek.

Meghan Markle, a hardly successful, second-rate Hollywood actress – who has become the “Duchess of Sussex” by virtue of her marriage to the completely morally lost, “Oprah crybaby” Prince Harry, is apparently reading herself to at some point descend upon American politics as an Old Testament Biblical calamity on ancient Egypt.

Sizzlers? Really, Duchess?

With all her arrogance, Markle, now apparently from the position of British royalty and a “concerned” American citizen, on Thursday sent a letter of another “royalty”, Nancy Pelosi, the liberal leftist empress of the US House of Representatives, and to the clueless Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, in essence lobbying for paid family leave, as cited by The Daily Mail.

The letter is a verbose tirade by Markle – which can be deemed highly embarrassing by any normal person simply because it comes from a person who was in a position of privilege growing up and is even more so today.

In it, the “duchess” by marriage explains how in her childhood she had to take part in middle-class activities including getting a job for gas money and eating $4.99 Sizzler salads at a salad bar – and all of that is supposed to demonstrate to Nancy and Chuck how needed paid family leave is.

Markle seeks to demonstrate how her family was struggling when she was growing up – never mind that her estranged father Thomas Markle won the state lottery and was also an Emmy award-winning director of lighting.

His lottery win and salary put her through private school starting at kindergarten, including a $16,000 private high school.

And now the Sizzler salad thing is coming from a person with a $100 million dollar fortune, a royalty, and a $14 million mansion.

The moronic, highly hypocritical 1,030-word letter by Duchess Meghan to Nancy and Chuck has elicited a strong reaction by the Republican Party, with Republican members of the House telling Markle to “stick to acting” and calling upon the British royal family to take away the second-rate actress’s royal title because of her “interference in US politics.”

The renewed call has come from Rep. Jason Smith of Missouri, who first called for the stripping of Markle’s royal title back in October 2020, ahead of the 2020 presidential election, when she and Harry campaigned openly for Joe Biden.

Smith emphasized before The Daily Mail that the abolition of Meghan and Harry’s royal titles is needed “particularly since she insists… on [using] the pretense of being the Duchess of Sussex.”

Another GOP House member, Rep. Lisa McClain of Michigan, stated that Markle is “incredibly out of touch” with the people, and must not try to “play politics.”

In her words, the last thing America needs is “wealthy celebrities pushing liberal agendas” on the American public.

Printed on post-royal letterhead

There have been speculations for a while now that Markle might be dreaming of entering politics as a senior Democrat or maybe even run for US President.

Her embarrassingly pretentious and duplicitous letter to Schumer and Pelosi, the Democratic leaders of Congress, was printed on the post-royal letterhead of the Sussexes, featuring their titles.

Markle backed by her marriage sidekick Prince Harry seems pesky enough and will hardly give up on her sick political ambitions – and the American people might have to brace for another liberal leftist celebrity calamity but this time with a royal title.