In a recent interview in Sochi, the 69-year-old Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that he is horrified with the West’s practice of indoctrinating children into LGBT agendas at an early age.

He said that allowing children to make such a life-altering choice early on in their lives is devastating and brings the risk of ruining generations to come, exactly what’s happening in the US, under the patronage of Sleepy Joe Biden and his horrible administration.

Having faced criticism for his statements on the matter before, Putin was not surprised with the media backlash this has brought him, however, Putin doesn’t care about your feelings - he cares about the facts!

In 2020, he allowed for changes to be made to the Russian constitution, completely illegalizing gay marriage in the country.

The Russian constitution now officially states that a marriage can only exist between a biological man and woman, and additionally, there now exists a clause prohibiting transsexual people from adopting children.

This is mainly rationalized by the extremely high suicide rates in that demographic.

The president stood his ground and continued, exclaiming that pushing such a choice on children while sweeping the parents aside is near-criminal behavior, even more so because a child psychologist is never consulted on the matter.

He assured the press that what it boils down to is that it’s a crime against humanity, thinly veiled under the flag of progress.

Russia’s history with the LGBT community

Following Putin’s statements on the matter, many have taken their opinions to the streets, protesting against the oppression, even though the government had a relaxed and unprejudiced attitude towards the LGBT community, only demanding that children and minors be left out of such movements, says the Russian president.

The displeasure stems from the country’s previous decisions to ban gay pride demonstrations, after which it faced worldwide criticism for forbidding non-traditional sexual relationships in the year 2013.

The President has stated numerous times that he has nothing against homosexuals, but rather just finds the West’s progressive ideas and values concerning the demographic out of tune with his country’s traditional values.

He doubled down on this in 2020, claiming that he must preserve the idea of the traditional family, and in turn, declaring that gay marriage will not be legalized as long as he rules.

In light of those statements, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Russia is in violation of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights, but the conservative President reassured that the ban will not be lifted.