The hellish ideology of transgenderism and “gender identity” politics just loves using some made-up neither-male-nor-female-nor-anything colorful cartoon character in order to make the horrible lies it is telling innocent American youngsters seem nice, normal, and appealing.

The candy-treating pedophile approach

It’s just that transgenderism’s proponents are just perfidious like that: they love exhibiting the typical behavior of a pedophile seeking to kidnap an unsuspecting kid by offering a sweet treat of candy.

One gender ideology cartoon abomination that’s been around for a couple of years now to be used by transgenderist daemons across the country is the “Gender Unicorn” – an ugly colorful cartoon of varying genitalia, identity, emotions, and a rather horny one at that – and all of this at the same time.

And all of this is used by a teacher in California to poison the minds of students in the 7th grade.

The same unicorn thing was adopted by a Trans Student Educational Resources organization – driving home the fake but malicious message that everybody has a unique “gender” identity, whatever you make up.

Apparently, now there is a new monstrosity of the “candy from a pedophile”-type of lure for innocent youngsters to fall in the nasty, lewd, pervert paws of transgenderism: a “Genderbread Man Person.”

Transgenderism promoters at the University of Arkansas have put forth the “Genderbread Person”, a nasty grotesque version of the Gingerbread Man from the old-time fairy tale, in order to “explain sexuality” – in the fully made-up party line of transgenderism and gender identity politics, a sexuality-based subdivision of Marxism-Communism.

The “Genderbread Person” was just featured at something called “Safe Zone Allies Training” at the University of Arkansas but the character itself was designed first in 2011 by an activist-artist named Sam Killerman (makes one wonder whether any pun was intended with that artist’s last name).

Transgenderist newspeak

The webpage for the training in question features various utterly idiotic transgenderism definitions and “explanations.”

For example, anatomical sex is explained as “genitals”, body hair, and more – but it is “not gender.”

Gender identity is the “psychological sense of self” – basically, one that you can make just up, regardless of your real sex.

Gender expression is “your outward-facing self” which is “interrupted by others based on gender norms” – sure it is.

Certainly, those “others” have nothing better to do than “interrupt” your “expression” because of some “gender norms.”

But, hey, whatever the transgenderist poison wants to have you believe.

The explanation for “attraction” is even more idiotic – it’s not “a component of gender” but often experienced “in gendered ways”.

The rest isn’t even worth quoting.

This is the kind of Marxism newspeak that you can read in old Soviet and Chinese Communist textbooks on “scientific communism” – except there the same nonsense pertains to “classes” and means of production – just as artificial and made-up.

For today’s American Marxists, gender, as well as race, are used to replace class in order to bring about the death of capitalism, democracy, freedom, and the United States of America, and to conjure up some kind of a far-left totalitarian anti-utopia that might make hell look like a nice summer resort.

And the transgenderists spearheading this process don’t shy away from employing disgusting gender-less, worm-type cartoon characters such as unicorns and ginger-gender-bread persons to make kids feel at ease with all of that, and become fanatic foot soldiers of the new Marxist-transgenderist-wokeist revolution.