A store of luxury Italian brand Bottega Veneta on the Magnificent Mile, Chicago’s largest upscale shopping district, has been robbed twice in just three weeks, with the brazen repeat crime attributed to the wokeist city administration whose attorney general Kim Foxx isn’t prosecuting robberies worth under $1,000.

Businesses closing over robberies

The second robbery at the Bottega Veneta store in question involved two masked men, who scared the shop assistant, pushed her aside, and snatched luxury leather goods worth about $6,200.

The first of the two robbers who wore a red hoodie was the one who pushed the store employee making way for his accomplice, in a black hoodie.

The female shop assistant goes after the black hooded suspect but in that time the first one manages to snatch at least six purses.

Subsequently, however, the black-hooded suspect also steals several leather goods in another part of the store, with the scared employee helplessly looking on.

Both robbers then escape with an armful of purses each.

The police are still investigating the incident.

Exactly 21 days earlier, the same Italian luxury brand store was hit by a total of twelve robbers who left with 35 bags worth tens of thousands of dollars.

In another shop robbery earlier in October, a group of 7-8 robbers snatched an armful of expensive purses each from a Bloomingdale’s in suburban Chicago.

Another store hit by a similar incident recently is a Louis Vuitton store in the North Shore of Chicago raided by robbers in Northbrook Court.

A report by The Daily Mail emphasized that a growing number of storefronts on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile are already empty as retail companies have been driven away by the rampant and brazen robberies.

Policy shift emboldened robbers

Store robberies in the city of Chicago are believed to have been encouraged by the policy of city Attorney General Kim Foxx adopted back in December 2016 under which Chicago prosecutors pursue felony charges only if the stolen property’s worth is estimated at more than $1,000.

Back at the time when the policy was adopted, Foxx’s office argued that the shift was going to allow tackling the driving factors behind the crimes, rather than low-level offenses – which, however, is said to have been a factor emboldening thieves around the city.

Store robberies in Chicago might actually become even worse because the fate of a large part of the city’s police force is unclear over the COVID-19 vaccination mandate of wokeist Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

More than one-third of the 13,000 police officers in the city hadn’t reported their vaccine status by last week’s deadline, meaning that many of them might be up for dismissal.