Big Tech is becoming totally unabashed in its vicious censorship of everything that is pro-American, patriotic, conservative, or favorable to President Donald Trump – or happens to be overtly critical of its far-left allies from the Democratic Party and the Empty Shelves Joe Biden White House.

3 Different ‘F**k Joe Biden’ Songs

In Big Tech’s latest fit of censorship, YouTube, which is owned by Google, has deleted a “Let’s Go Brandon” – the euphemism for “F**k Joe Biden” – song by MAGA rapper Bryson Gray declaring it to contain “medical misinformation.”

The explanation is ludicrous since the song only contains a line stating “Pandemic ain’t real” - which might as well be a metaphor, an exaggeration, and so on – and there is absolutely nothing medical about it.

But, hey, who are we to argue with Google, right, they must know best what’s best for us/US – and in their view, it’s best to impose censorship by striking down the First Amendment and freedom of speech as well as artistic expression.

Bryson Gray, a well-known MAGA rapper, announced the YouTube censorship of his “Let’s Go Brandon” song from on Twitter, wondering what the medical misinformation in the song could possibly be.

In the music video for the song, Gray can be seen sporting a MAGA hat, wearing an “Impeach Biden” T-shirt, and carrying an assault rifle.

Gray states in the song that the pandemic had been “planned” and that Biden’s promise that the vaccines would stop the spread of COVID-19 but that “it was lies.”

On Saturday, Gray posted a new tweet on the matter calling YouTube “Commies”, and thanking the company for the ban because it made his song extremely popular.

A total of three different rappers have made their own songs “entitled” “Let’s Go Brandon”, i.e. “F**k Joe Biden.”

The highest-rated of those has been the one by rapper Loza Alexander, as it is presently No. 2 on iTunes after “Easy on Me”, Adele’s new song.

Bryson Gray’s version is ranked 6th.

Artist Forgiato Blow has also created a version of the “Let’s Go Brandon” song.

Most censored rapper

The “Let’s Go Brandon” slogan was born when an NBC News sports reporter, Kelly Stavast, was interviewing NASCAR racer Brandon Brown, and supposed misheard the audience chants of “F**k Joe Biden” as “Let’s go Brandon”.

Speaking on Fox News, rapper Bryson Gray was wondering why he has become the “most censored rapper” in the United States even though he does not sing about sex, drugs, or murders – yet, his song gets banned.

“Is this still America?” the rapper asked, and justifiably so.

As the Democrat far-leftist Biden administration is failing miserably at running the federal government, expect public indignation to grow, and the Big Tech repression to become hardened.