Crazy wealth, fame and liberal-lefty self-righteousness would do that to a person, i.e. help him or her lose sense of reality and touch with morals.

Perhaps nowhere is that more painfully overt than in Hollywood where fabulous riches come and the adoration of fans come together to mix up with a sense of unwitting moral crusading and a desire to always be “fashionable” with whatever brain-dead modes are being put forth by the ideologues of liberal leftism.

Twister Hollywood moral compasses or the lack thereof

That is how Hollywood actors often end up saying and doing things that are simply unfathomable for the “ordinary folks”, you know, that part of society with a far sounder moral compass.

A fresh case in hand is famous Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow who has literally bragged that her 15-year-old son has been congratulatory on the fact that her company Goop is selling sex toys.

Not that selling vibrators is that big of a deal nowadays but it can hardly be a source of pride to any morally wholesome human being.

And when that’s actually a matter of praise over the comments of a 15-year-old, the moral territory becomes even darker.

That’s what the liberal-leftists do-gooders do: they take some trivial, oftentimes even morally reproachable matter and tout it as a great achievement or a source of moral pride, in a ludicrous but apparently effective ploy to crush, or at least shift the ethical orientation of the American public.

Of course, the Hollywood actors who engage in that sort of propagating of questionable ideologies and obscure morals, in the best-case scenario, are for the most part pure pawns in the hands of the more backstage and more intelligent ideologues of modern-day Marxism.

Oh, the sweetest thing

But it doesn’t really matter to them as they seem to be having fun.

In this particular case, Paltrow was on the abysmal “Ellen DeGeneres Show” to tell the story with a wide grin of how her 15-year-old son told her he was at first ashamed that Goop sells vibrators.

However, then he did some thinking about her mother’s morally courageous business dealings and told her that she is a “feminist” for doing that.

What vibrators have to do with feminism is a whole other story – of course, the “feminists” have it all worked out with their twisted rationalizations – but let’s not get too mad at them as they are presently being pounded into the ground by the far more radical transgederists and gender identity ideologies – despite having been the trailblazers for all the modern Marxism BS.

So much so that the poor feminists can’t even say the word “woman” anymore without the transgenderism cohorts assaulting them full frontal.

The point, however, is that actress Gwyneth Paltrow is overly happy because her underage son’s reaction to her selling vibrators was to tell her she is a feminist and that is, in her view, was really “cute” and the “sweetest thing.”

Holy Mother God, if that could be “the sweetest thing” – in our society, even for a small portion of our society, then we as a nation, even as human beings, are just in really, really big trouble.