Ordinary American parents appear to be the last bulwark standing between the survival of freedom, democracy, and the American republic and the nothingness of far-left Marxist, wokeist, and transgenderist totalitarianism.

As the various Marxist sub-ideologies have gained tremendous traction through the school system as it has been infiltrated by vicious Marxists and critical race theorists, countless parents across the nation have taken to school board meetings to protest against the vicious Commie anti-American and anti-natural indoctrination of their innocent kids.

Besides the forceful imposition of wokeism and transgenderism on school children, the other major matter of protest by parents across America has been the dictatorial, random mask and vaccine mandates in the school system.

The Marxist-dominated school boards have been fighting back against the parents emboldened by the utterly nasty and anti-American Biden administration, whose repugnant Attorney-General Merrick Garland even instructed the FBI to defend board officials from “harassment” by cracking down on the dissenting parents.

NSBA gripped by Stalinist communism

It turns out the National School Board Association, a nonprofit federation of school boards across the United States has also advocated for similar action by sending a special letter to the Democrat President Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe Biden urging him to treat those parents who opposed the COVID-19 measures as nothing other than “domestic terrorists.”

While the full text of the vicious letter itself hasn’t been made public, on Friday the NPO issued a detailed, atoning release apologizing for its letter as it included “inflammatory language” over “threats and acts of violence” against the members of school boards.

Thus, the National School Board Association admitted that there “was no justification for some” of the language found in Friday’s release which was directed towards the local boards of which it consists.

So in essence, the NSBA has offered no apologies to the millions of American parents that it wants to have designated as “domestic terrorists” – it only apologized to its own, for causing them “stress and strain.”

Apparently, in its letter to Biden, the NSBA had urged the White House and the Justice Department to crack down on protesting parents by employing the Patriot Act, and at its full power – as it argued that the “disruption”, i.e. the voicing of an opinion opposing that of the Marxist school board, amounts to “domestic terrorism and hate crimes.”

A Biden-ruled America is clearly quickly sliding down to far-left Stalinist-type totalitarianism horror of the Soviet Union and Communist China type.

Apology after losing members and money

The NSBA’s labeling of responsible and patriotic parents as “domestic terrorists” has caused a severe backlash, even among the ranks of the organization itself.

Corey DeAngelis, a senior official from the American Federation for Children, has explained at least 20 state associations of school boards have reacted by distancing themselves from the NSBA, and even by pulling funding from it.

This appears to be a logical explanation about NSBA’s sudden atonement of its horrifying sin against American children and their parents.

NSBA’s apology was quickly mocked on social media, with some commentators remarking that it should be read as meaning that “we’ve just lots of funding, and are backtracking to repair that.”

Critics, however, have called for much more than an apology from the NSBA demanding the resignations of those responsible for the terming of American parents as “domestic terrorists.”