In a bout of blatant anti-white racism, a number of elderly white women who were volunteers at the Art Institute of Chicago have just been axed thanks to the “advice” of wokeist consulting firm – which told the management that having white people doesn’t “prioritize equity and diversity.”

So the poor nice white women were made redundant – wokeist Marxism reigning supreme in the United States of America of 2021 has made them so.

Mass firing based on white skin color

Driven by its wokeist adviser, the Colorado-based consulting firm aptly named “The Equity Project”, Chicago’s art institute has not only sacked its over 150 volunteers but it has also suspended its docent program altogether even though it had it around for decades, The Daily Mail reported.

The nasty wokeist consultant led by a repugnant executive producer named Monica Williams advised the Art Institute of Chicago to do away with its “wealthy white” guides for the sake of the fake Marxist-Communist “ideals” of “equity and diversity” – and apparently it also earned big money for this kind of invaluable advice.

The mostly elderly white women are reported to have been really well-versed with respect to the exhibits of the 150-year-old cultural institutions.

They were certainly doing something they loved, and of great public value, and without getting paid.

Then: bam!

Wokeism strikes, and all of a sudden they are rendered useless, and, by implication evil racist non-humans because of their skin color, no other reason.

They should probably consider themselves lucky the wokeist mafia didn’t dispatch a band of Antifa storm troopers to beat them up, spit on them, and denigrate them in whatever other ways the wokeist Nazi thugs see fit because of their being “white”, “American”, and having “white privilege.”

Outdated white women, make room for wokeist terror

More than 150 elderly white female volunteers were axed by email on September 3 – as the Art Institute of Chicago declared that it was going to “rebuild” its docent program “from the ground up” – apparently basing it on skin color.

The wonderful wokeist consultant, “The Equity Project” “discovered” that the cultural institution’s volunteer program was “outdated” and favoring “wealthy white women”, while “people of color” were facing too many barriers to enter the program.

Of course, they did – if the Wokeist International says so!

And is getting paid for that.

What a disgraceful time for the United States of America are we living in!

The report cites a quote by “The Equity Project” executive producer Monica Williams, who says that “you really have to” “dismantle and disrupt the systems” which are holding “some up and others out”.

And the subtext appears to be that you probably should do it based on anti-white racism.

The consulting firm in question was established in response to Donald Trump’s win of the 2016 presidential election – because God forbid that the United States is ruled by an American patriot and not by a wokeism, Marxism stooge of the Obama-Biden type.


Robert Levy, the chairman of the art institute, penned an op-ed in defense of the anti-white racist disgrace by stating that what’s needed is “critical self-reflection” and “participatory, recuperative action” in order to stay “relevant.”

Gigi Vaffis, the president of the institute’s Docent Council, said the wokeist move of the institution was a total shock, leaving her “gobsmacked.”

Never mind – there was Williams who told the Chicago art institute that “docent programs perpetuated whiteness”, and that “it’s part of the problem.” Hear that?

You happen to be white?

You are the problem.

Forget about America as your nation, forget about rights, citizenship, the Constitution.

Forget about Western Civilization.

The wokeists are here, and already viciously busy dehumanizing you.

Next thing… well, you know from how Marxist regimes deal with their “opponents” once they’ve managed to dehumanize them.