Judging from their high horses, leftist liberal celebrities such as your typical Hollywood star actor just can’t help but school and mock regular people.

Money, fame, and leftist brainwashing would do that to a person – it’s so easy for celebrities to start believing they are incredibly special, God-chosen, immortal, you name it – that they forget that they are just like everybody else, and not guaranteed to be safe from inadvertent mistakes, calamities, or incidents.

Irony and tragedy

Such an ironic tragedy reminding us that anything can happen to anybody regardless of how rich, famous, or judgmental they might have been, has just befallen famed Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin.

On Thursday, Baldwin killed a cinematographer by accident as they were shooting a film in Sante Fe, New Mexico

In one of the scenes of the movie, Baldwin was shooting a gun, which was supposed to be loaded with blanks.

Instead, the gun shot out either a bullet or shrapnel, striking and killing Halyna Hutchins, 42, and wounding Joel Souza, the film’s director.

Truly a tragic incident that left families without their loved ones, and Baldwin himself devastated.

The irony, the particularly tragic irony, however, is that a few years back, the liberal lefty Hollywood veteran viciously ridiculed on Twitter a police officer who had shot a violent suspect.

How it must feel

Back in 2017, Baldwin tweeted a Los Angeles Times article of the police shooting incident, stating that he wondered how “it must feel to wrongfully kill” a person.

Well, unfortunately, now he knows.

In a subsequent tweet, Baldwin declared that how could the police officer have defended himself “by shooting the guy?”

“What kind of a f**king idiot are you?” the famed Hollywood actor added in a subsequent tweet.

The police officer from the 2017 incident in Huntington Beach, California, Eric Esparza, was later exonerated.

The shooting occurred after the officer was struggling with a suspect at a convenience store, and the suspect managed to pull something out of his utility belt.

This caused the policeman to retreat and start firing.

The suspected, Dillan Tabars, had beaten an 80-year-old man to death just three days before the incident.

So Alec Baldwin’s damning tweets judging Esparza must have come at a time when the police officer was particularly vulnerable to criticism and attack.

Unfortunately, it so happened that now Baldwin has found himself in a very similar situation.

Hopefully, that will teach him and the other Hollywood liberal lefties to do less judging of people and have more compassion – however unreal or unlikely that may seem.