This is just unbelievable: the United States of America, a country founded by white people based on the values and political traditions of white people, which at the time were the most democratic in the entire world, and 250 years later still are, is seeing its white youth now increasingly the victims of anti-white racism.

Malicious wokeist, anti-white racism has become so forceful and powerful in this country through the moronic Communist mainstream media propaganda machines and the “social media” fully censored by Big Tech that now young white people are not just becoming the direct victims of racism but they have been brainwashed and indoctrinated into feeling guilty for being white and/or hating themselves for being white.

What an absolute, unbelievable outrage!

There is no rational reason whatsoever for this sorry state of white folks in the United States of America, which has been brought about by wokeist Marxists and anti-white racists wishing to destroy this nation and the entire West, and to replace them with the totalitarian yoke of unbridled wokeism.

Pretending to be Native American because white Western civilization is just “sooo bad” (it just gave us everything)!

In a stunning revelation demonstrating blatantly this state, a recent poll has shown that more than one-third of white students “lie about their race” when it comes to college applications and college admissions.

According to Big League Politics, this disastrous state of the young white students’ mind has been caused by “left-wing and anti-white racism” that is rampant in US colleges and universities.

A survey from July, which polled a total of 1,650 white college prospects, found that a whopping 34% of them “lied about their race and ethnicity” in their college applications in order to be more competitive for both admission and financial aid.

A total of 81% of those who admitted lying about having a non-European race or ethnicity said they recognized there is a “pervasive preference” for non-white students by colleges and universities.

What’s even more shocking is that the share of those who lied about not being white was much higher in men, with nearly half of the polled males saying they did that.

White women apparently have less of a reason to lie they aren’t white thanks to affirmative action advantages that females get in spite of the fact that they are increasingly outnumbering males in colleges and universities.

It might as well be considered intriguing that the majority of the white students who lied about having a “non-European” identity claimed to be Native American.

Asians are being discriminated, too

The report notes that besides white students, another ethnic group that is increasingly hurt by racism with respect to college admissions are Asians, and that is especially true for Ivy League schools.

The once-great American society actually used to be organized on the basis of merit – imagine that, who would have thought that would be a good thing?! – whereas nowadays, with vicious Marxist-Communists in power through the Sleepy Joe Biden administration – all emphasis is on race and “gender” Marxist class struggle – and merit is all the window.

It’s all about the correct skin color and gender lunacy.

So there you have it folks, the Marxists daemons have done it: our white youngsters are ashamed of being white, and, even if they are not, they are going to be crushed anyway by the anti-white racist lackeys guarding the doors to higher education!