It is unbelievable how Facebook has morphed from a simple college communication online tool back in the days a mere 16-17 years ago into a giant anti-human hydra of censorship and aggression that’s bringing out the very worst of humanity and making the world a far worse place than it found it.

So much worse that it’s very likely its founder and all of his minions would end up burning in hell for all the pain and suffering they have been causing.

And it isn’t like they’ve stopped already – with all of their greed for money and control, they are gearing up for even more endeavors to dehumanize humanity to the fullest such as “metaverses” and whatnot.

If you cover the riots truthfully, you are painting black Americans negatively

Apparently, in June 2020, against the backdrop of the anti-white racist riots in the United States that were an open insurrection and caused damages for billions of dollars after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, caused by police officers, Facebook employees wanted to selectively crackdown on conservative news sites, and Breitbart News in particular.

This has been revealed by a new, unnamed whistleblower in a report published by The Wall Street Journal on Sunday, after several weeks ago, another former Facebook employee-turned-whistleblower, Frances Haugen, testified before Congress that Facebook is constantly choosing to go after the highest possible profits while knowingly hurting teens and destroying America’s democracy.

In its coverage of the anti-white racist riots, Breitbart did precisely what was fair and honest coverage: it focused in particular on the gigantic damage caused by the vicious anti-white rioters.

According to the internal Facebook documents newly leaked by the whistleblower and cited by The Wall Street Journal, one Facebook employee wrote to “Get Breitbart out of News Tab.”

Right, because God forbid the American public gets to receive stories revealing the truth about the vicious riots – no, the public must be subject only to wokeism indoctrination and brainwashing, according to Mark Zuckerberg’s Marxist minions.

The employee in question was particularly indignant over Breitbart headlines mentioning words like “mayhem”, “massive looting”, “bonfires”, or the “pummeling of police cars” by the evil BLM and Antifa thugs, i.e. “protesters”.

For the particular Facebook employee – as for his or her colleagues, the headlines in question were a “concerted effort” to “paint black Americans…in a very negative way.”

Of course, because under that logic when you are black and you are doing rioting, looting, and destruction, you aren’t doing those things.

Your skin color absolves you of anything.

You are chasing butterflies on a sunny flower lawn in springtime.

Whereas if you “happen to be” white – well, imagine all horrible things you can, add some more, and be sure that you’re doing them.

That’s the only truth that today’s Marxism recognizes.

Fear of political backlash

There was a lot more bashing of Breitbart by Facebook employees in those documents but apparently, the public opinion in this country still matters because, also in 2020, several Facebook employees warned that a crackdown on Breitbart’s appearing in news feeds on the network could lead to it being called biased.

One employee even honestly admitted that “we’re scared” of the potential “political backlash” if Breitbart is banned – in that particular argument, by “enforcing” Facebook’s “typical rules about journalistic standards”, from which Breitbart was apparently granted “an exemption.”

According to the revelations of the new, still anonymous whistleblower, in 2016, when discussing alleged Russian interference in the presidential election, a nasty type named Tucker Bounds, a Facebook communications official, said Facebook shouldn’t be doing anything about it because, in a few weeks, the story would be forgotten, and in the meaning “we are printing money in the basement” and doing fine.

Enough said.