While Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida, banned the mask mandate, the Brevard Country publically defied this decision, fully consciously and knowingly, and imposed fascist-like control on its citizens, including mentally impaired children!

As a consequence, Jeffrey Steele, a father of a 7-year old girl with Down’s syndrome, sues a school in Florida for tying a face mask to his daughter’s face.

According to Steele, his daughter Sophia came out of a school bus at the Indian Harbor with the mask cord wrapped around her head.

He was shocked and suggested that his daughter was abused by the staff even though she is non-verbal and suffers from Down’s syndrome.

Steele thought Sophia was medically exempt

Aware that District Brevard Country defied the governor’s decision, Jeffrey Steele thought that Sophia didn’t need to wear a mask as she has an enlarged tongue and Down’s syndrome.

Thinking that she was medically exempt, the father was disturbed after seeing his daughter wearing a face-tied mask.

After asking the staff about the incident, he was informed that Sophia had a mask tied around her head throughout the past six weeks, without notifying any of the parents or medical experts.

As Sophia is enrolled in an individual education program and her mother requested a medical exemption which was approved shortly after, it is unclear why members of the school staff acted the way they did, and why they felt they have the right to impose their own choices on personal freedoms of a mentally impaired child.

As representatives of the Florida school and parents of the young Sophia Steele stated, teachers in the IEP have to notify the parents/legal guardian about any changes.

Soon after, the incident was addressed by the State Representative, Randy Fine who stated that the staff should be adequately penalized and that the mask mandate imposed by Brevard Public Schools is a disgrace.

As of Friday, Dr. Mark Mullins, a superintendent for the BPS, suggested that they will allow parental opt-outs to the mask mandate.

After banning the mask mandate, DeSantis was defied by several local school districts in Florida, taking the legal battle to competent courts.

Using all instruments in his power, the governor of Florida decided to cut salaries to all school board members voting to defy the ban on the mask mandate.

On the other hand, Biden’s administration and the U.S. Department of Education are countering the pay cuts by allowing federal grants.