Hunter Biden, with his murky business dealings, drinking and drug binges with prostitutes, his in-family relationships, and his nasty obnoxiousness seems to be as abysmal a human being as his father is “president.”

One of the most morally questionable aspects of Hunter Biden’s public appearance – and there obviously is a lot that’s morally questionable around him has been his “art”, which has raised suspicions of high-level political corruption as he is selling it for $75,000 - $500,000 apiece while being totally unknown as an artist and potentially having little talent worthy of the name.

However, he does have the Biden family name attached to his paintings and his Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe father happens to have ended up occupying the White House, somehow.

NYC flop

As a couple of weeks ago, Hunter Biden had a relatively well attended – by elite liberals – artwork auction in LA, however, his current painting sale in New York City on Sunday got a grand total of only three visitors, The New York Post reported.

Amid much criticism over the ethics arrangement of Hunter Biden’s art sales and his hopes to literally rake in millions of dollars, his New York City exhibition at the Georges Berges Gallery in Soho appears to have flopped.

The NYP cited gallery owner Berges as saying that there wasn’t going to be “much of a crowd” at the exhibition on Sunday, and that he didn’t know if he is going to throw a formal opening party.

That is in contrast to the LA showing which was attended, among others, by the city’s Mayor Eric Garcetti, who, among other things, has been nominated by Sleepy Joe Biden to be the next US Ambassador to India.

Hunter Biden’s sh*t

As per earlier reports, apparently the gallery is using an entire team of lawyers who vet those wishing to see Hunter’s precious art show.

The only visitors on Sunday were a New Jersey man named “Sal”, and a couple that he brought with him.

He told the Post that he is a Republican and he still liked Hunter’s paintings “very much”, especially six of them, but wasn’t sure if he is going to buy any of them.

The man who came with Sal told the reporter that the paintings were too pricey for him.

While only three people attended the art show on Sunday, there were several others who weren’t allowed in.

One of those is was a New York man named Osvaldo Jimenez, who peeked as he was being denied admission, and subsequently described the art of the Democrat president’s prodigal son as “sh*t.”

Jimenez said it was great they didn’t let him in, that he wanted only to see if the art was any good and the fuss was worth it.

He ended up saying there was a booth across the street with better art than Hunter’s “sh*t.”