Following the US President’s visit to Camp David’s presidential resort, many were surprised to see Hunter Biden’s art curator, Georges Berges make a supposed visit, as he was photographed wearing the memorabilia hat only a few days later.

This sparked the interest of many, most of which connected it to the fact that it was a mere 2 days before Hunter Biden’s art exhibition in SoHo.

One of those interested was former Vanity Fair columnist George Wayne who speculated that the curator had spent the weekend with the presidential family, hinting at the idea that Berges could be one of the President’s influencers.

Wayne isn’t uncommonly seen rallying the masses like this as many of his posts are of a tongue-in-cheek nature, but the controversy is apparent, as Hunter’s art is said to be selling for $500,000 and up, amounts that can get you Monet piece instead.

The White House officials tried to refute these claims, as they stated that no one knows the identities of the potential buyers – except for Georges himself.

Previous White House officials have criticized the scandal, pointing at other controversies surrounding Hunter Biden, including those linked to abusing his connections in former business deals with Chinese partners.

It remains unclear how the art curator had gotten ahold of the hat he was pictured with.

Further controversy and details on the Biden-Berges relationship

The resort itself isn’t clear of any controversy either as Joe Biden was highly criticized for vacationing there during the crisis caused by the US’ troops abrupt withdrawal from Afghanistan camps.

The president had spent 26 days in the resort at the time and is rumored to have visited again during this time frame.

Wayne continued his preaching as he mocked the art curator for being an obvious liability to the presidential family, constantly causing Hunter’s appearance on controversial topics.

The columnist also wrote about his run-in with Berges, stating that the curator couldn’t confirm nor deny that something was underway.

The prodding did seem to bear fruition, as Wayne did not guess wrong, there was a surprise opening of Hunter’s anticipated exhibition during the following week, right at Berges’ gallery in SoHo.

News reporters had spotted workers carrying the art pieces into the building, as well as Berges’ warm interaction with Hunter’s wife Melissa, further hinting at a much-more-than-just-business-partners relationship between the president’s son and the controversy stricken art curator.

Entry to the exhibition is by reservation only, and if you check the gallery’s schedule, a later exhibition was moved a week further into November, confirming that Hunter’s will be there for another 2 weeks.

Wayne did not however discredit Hunter’s art or the work practices of Berges, comparing the former’s work to that of famous English painter David Hockney.