The radical far-left has launched a full-scale war against the United States of America as it is aggressively weaponizing baby and young children’s books by indoctrinating them already in the cradle with crazy ideologies.

‘Woke Baby’

This is just unbelievable.

Once upon a time, Americans could laugh at stories about how 2-3-year-olds in the then Soviet Union were bombarded with stories about the “good uncle” Vladimir Lenin, a mass murderer who drowned his people in blood to establish the world’s first communist regime.

Now, this Marxist horror story is right here, in America, in its wokeist-transgenderist renditions, it’s becoming dominant and it is designed to kill the souls of young innocent kids while they are still just babies.

Wokeist and transgenderist books – both utterly evil and totally idiotic in their messages – are now dominating the young kid’s sections of American bookstores, unbelievable titles such as “Woke Baby”, “Daddy and Dada” and “Teach Your Dragon about Diversity”, The Daily Mail reports.

Those, of course, are found next to “Joey” described as an illustrated hagiography of Sleepy Joe Biden authored by the “best-selling” Biden wife Jill Biden, and “Kamala Harris: Rooted in Justice.”

The Marxist baby and toddler new literature which has exploded after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis – an event that the far-left brutes in America had been waiting for for a while in order to press ahead with their hellish agenda – is dominated by the wokeism sub-ideology, but heavily garnished with transgenderism and the overall gender BS.

Thus while books showcasing “transgender infants”, queer families and other perversions are prominent, race, activism, and, sure thing, “police brutality” are dominant.

Wokeist and transgenderist Marxists are rushing to poison American society to the fullest so that there would be no coming back.

War on America with lots of anti-white racism

Data from Amazon, Barnes & Noble’s, or says their top ten lists were heavily dominated by books about “race” after the 2020 anti-white racism riots after the death of Floyd George.

Robin Diangelo’s idiotic book “White Fragility” saw its sales go up by 2,000%, while a book called “Antiracist Baby” by vile critical race theorist Ibram X Kendi, which had an initial print of 50,000 had an additional 100,000 ordered by Penguin Young Readers.

Kendi is the author of “Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You”, which is noted by the American Libraries Association as being among the most banned and challenged books of 2020.

In his book, he is practically calling for all anti-white racism even if he doesn’t style it explicitly that way.

Make no mistake: all of that is a war by Marxists, wokeists, and transgenderists against the United States of America.

It is a full-frontal assault against American values, American freedom, American democracy, American traditions.

It is a war against capitalism, merit, meritocracy, and a free-market economy.

And it is abject anti-white racism.

White people as well as males and just normal people who have normal families are being increasingly dehumanized, with the goal of destroying the United States and replacing it with a wokeist and transgenderist far-left totalitarian dictatorship, and nothing less than that.