While it has been on the march in the US thanks to the growing power of Marxists in the federal government, the evil ideology of transgenderism, which lets men use women’s bathrooms simply by pretending to be women, was dealt a heavy blow on Tuesday, after a judge found a juvenile skirt-wearing sex offender guilty of bathroom rape in a high-profile case in Loudoun County Virginia.

The case in which a girl was raped by a skirt-wearing boy in the girls’ bathroom – all thanks to the hellish ideology of transgenderism – garnered nationwide attention after the transgenderist school board tried to cover up the rape, and had Scott Smith, the poor father of the rape victim, forcefully dragged out and bloodied by police.

‘Forcible sodomy and forcible fellatio’ for minor girl, courtesy of bathroom transgenderism

On Monday, Loudoun juvenile court judge, Pamela Brooks, ruled in favor of the charges of “forcible sodomy and forcible fellatio”, thus convicting the skirt-wearing boy whose identity has not been revealed because he is underage.

The rapist will come back to court for his sentence on November 15.

The same skirt-wearing minor has been charged with another sexual assault in a different school in the same district of the state of Virginia, committed as recently as October.

The United States and the world must truly be thankful to the transgenderism plague for the horrors that it has unleashed upon us.

Apparently, all that male sexual predators have to do now is claim to be women, and they can go freely into women’s bathrooms and rape their users as they please.

Then, if there are protests reporting the crime, there are always Marxist censors trying to cover the cases because it contradicts the official party line of transgenderism.

Imagine the terror that American society is living in…

The Loudoun Country transgenderist rape was covered up by school district Superintendent Scott Ziegler who at first acknowledged that there had been an incident and it is investigated by the school – which explicitly asked the parents not to involve the police – but then on June 22, in the meeting in which the father was dragged out, Ziegler shamelessly lied that “we don’t have any record” of sexual assaults in “our restrooms.”

Who else will have to endure transgenderism horrors?

Students in Loudoun County Schools walked out of their classrooms in solidarity with the victim on Tuesday, while the district hasn’t commented on the verdict, The Daily Mail reported.

The parents of the raped girl, who were viciously demonized by the leftist mainstream media as “far-right Nazis”, have said they have been relieved but are insisting upon an apology on part of the National School Board Association, which has been calling parents protesting wokeism, transgenderism and COVID mandates at board meetings “domestic terrorists.”

The girl’s father has made it clear that he is going to sue the NSBA if it doesn’t apologize to him directly.

In a statement after the verdict, the family’s lawyer said that nobody “should have to endure what this family has endured”.

That is certainly right.