Following last week’s backlash and Twitter storm concerning his Netflix special, in-house name comedian Dave Chapelle stated he would not go out of his way to please a bunch of people who think they have the right to decide what he can and cannot say.

The comedian is still under fire for his jokes about the LGBT community, regarding their „thin skin” (keyword is jokes) and statements about gender being a fact.

The jokes themselves were just a poke at accomplished author J.K. Rowling’s TERF-ist claims that transgender women are a threat to female identity around the world.

On Monday, 25th of October, Chapelle posted a five-minute video to his official Instagram page, addressing the internet’s demands that he be canceled.

He stated that he is more than willing to talk, but that it will only be on his terms, those being that the LGBT community actually watches his special before they make any claims, effectively assuming the dominant position in the argument.

The comedian, as expected, finished the video with another joke, adding to the terms that anyone who comes has to admit that Hannah Gadsby, homosexual comedian, and author, is not funny, which could have netted Chapelle record-breaking numbers of attendees, had he made that the only term.

Chapelle’s involvement with the community

Despite being labeled as transphobic, Chapelle stressed that he has had numerous friendships with members of the community, one of which even came to him for advice concerning her issues with said community.

He continued to add that it is a well-known fact that every living, breathing human being on this earth was brought here by a woman, joking with the idea that biological women have full rights to be angry with trans women, given that Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, won the Glamour Magazine’s Woman of The Year award in 2015.

Initially, in support of Dave, Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos claimed that the special did not cross the thin line of where comedy ends and hate speech begins in spite of numerous organizations, including the National Black justice coalition, condemning the comedians jokes. (Again, keywords being jokes.)

However, Sarandos appears to have switched sides, claiming he made a lapse in his judgment and apologized to the „marginalized” communities which were „damaged” with the special.

Others decided to not leave Chapelle dead in the water, some even slamming the LGBT community they’re part of, claiming they do not know how much Chapelle has done for some of them.

One such was Daphne Dorman who decided to take her life in 2019 after the trans-community zeroed in on her for defending Chapelle’s then-Netflix-special.

Chapelle voiced her support for Dorman’s family, claiming she was a good friend and a great comedian.