On top of all the havoc that the unbridled illegal immigration is wreaking upon the American society – thanks to the official policy of the administration of Empty Shelves Joe Biden under which the US-Mexican border simply does not exist – there is the added “benefit” of Mexican drug cartels directly corrupting American teenagers by paying them $1,000 per head to transport illegals.

This new abomination might as well leave all of us patriotic Americans stupefied as to what other horrors for our nation would be unleashed by the dictate of the Biden administration, which seemingly wants to resettle the entire Third World into the United States to equip the Democratic Party with obedient slave voters for the future.

It is clear that the Biden administration is committing outright treason – it abolished the policies of the Trump administration that were protecting the national security and sovereignty of the United States, and is deliberately doing nothing to stop the influx of hundreds of thousands of illegals every single month.

Turning American teens into human smugglers

And now the murderous Mexican drug cartels, who are profiting tremendously from this setup – thank you, moronic, Sleepy Joe! – are adding insult to injury by recruiting American teens to just drive the illegals across the non-existent border.

The Mexican criminal gangs are paying the US teenagers $1,000 per head for every illegal that the latter drive from Mexico to Houston, Texas.

This has been revealed by Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo as she had for an interview Republican Rep. Buddy Carter of Georgia.

According to the report, the “beneficiaries” of this job opportunity provided by Mexican drug cartels and only made possible by the horrendous Biden administration, are 15-16-year-old American kids who are eager to make some extra cash.

In one bust over the past weekend, a US teenager was caught his truck tipped over a ditch, and he had 13 illegals in the back seat, for a payment of $13,000 by the cartels – which he was going to make if he hadn’t been caught.

GOP Rep. Carter said it is “unbelievable that this is going on”, and said one way to crack down on this and numerous other criminal excesses would be for the government to “do something about the Internet” because the social media are “giving us no choice” as they don’t take measures to prevent using their platforms for criminal arrangements such as the smuggling of illegal immigrants.

Carter said he wished the Biden administration was as organized as the Mexican drug cartels, who are a “well-oiled machine.”

It’s very easy to secure the border

He did note, however, that the Biden administration is actually organized in consciously doing nothing on illegal immigration, other than reversing all possible policies adopted under President Donald Trump, and which worked just fine.

Carter added that the Biden administration could secure the border very easily, by just implementing the Trump policies such as completing the border wall, keeping “Stay in Mexico” policy, imposing Title 42 expulsions, etc.

Sheriff AJ Louderback of Jackson County, Texas, in turn, said the allure for teens to transport illegal immigrants is very high, and that’s easily understood when the pay of $1,000 per head is compared to the minimum wage at Whataburger.

He added that even the multiple charges against teens in cases such as the one with the overturned truck will likely not deter kids from working for the cartels, now that the Biden administration has made that totally feasible.