Following the Clippers v Grizzlies game at LA’s Staples Center, Floyd Mayweather was approached by a fan who asked for a photograph with the famous boxing superstar.

However, the fan was left disappointed as Mayweather refused his inquiry, stating that he does not want to be seen taking photographs with people who „have their nails painted.”

The undefeated boxer remains in the public eye despite retiring in 2017 following his defeat of Irish UFC fighter Conor McGregor, only returning for a fight with Youtube personality Logan Paul, so it is very much expected that he be approached at events he is not the centerpiece of.

Floyd’s entourage of security guards

Sadly, the fighter’s online reception might change, as the teen asking for the photograph caught the entire interaction on tape, gaining nearly 25,000 views on Twitter in only one day.

The video depicts Mayweather’s entourage pushing the fan away as he is left speechless, lost on the fact that his painted nails were the cause of Mayweather’s concerns.

Many on Twitter took the fan’s side in the argument, pointing at past interactions Mayweather has had with his fans, some even ending with physical conflicts between the fans and the boxer’s security staff, all for asking for a picture.

On another note, it is also possible that Floyd just doesn’t want to be annoyed by fans every time he goes to see a basketball game with his buddies.

Some crazy Twitter users claim that the issue might be Mayweather’s age as the 44-year-old man could be out of touch with current fashion trends, one of which would appear to be males painting their nails, possibly following in the footsteps of many contemporary musicians such as Post Malone, Yungblud and Harry Styles.

This trend, regardless of how silly it may look, seems to have flown over the boxer’s head, which isn’t uncommon for him as he can often be seen wearing tacky clothes and jewelry. Finally, Mayweather is commonly caught not wearing a sanitary mask in enclosed spaces where health and safety protocols demand that everyone above the age of 2 cover their mouths and noses.