Don’t be mistaken: modern-day American Marxism, the deadly plague that it is, still has some wonderfully hilarious moments caused by the internal contradictions in its main subdivisions, wokeism, and gender politics – which the “progressivists” and far-leftists have no idea how to resolve, for the love of their evil Grandpas Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao.

Such situations present themselves, for example, when there is black on Asian violence, or when transgender women, i.e. biological men, torture women, another “victim group” in the Marxist narrative, through rape, genitals exposure, you name it.

Whenever such disturbing things happen, they expose the giant tectonic cracks in the “coherent” Marxist ideology in which white straight men are Satan, and everybody else is an innocent victim.

How dare Chappelle make trans jokes? Doesn’t he know transsexuals are sacred?

There is one more thing, however, which upsets the hypocrites, and it is when somebody that they consider being of their own by default, starts defying their lunacies.

A black or a gay person voting Republican?

How dare they!

JK Rowling defending “women” and womanhood from transgenderism?

Rip her apart!

Except such voices are growing in number, and putting the leftist narrative in huge trouble.

One such voice that the transgenderist squads just hate is Caitlyn Jenner, the famous trans woman, the former Olympic gold-winning athlete, who isn’t just a Republican but also recently ran for governor of California on behalf of the GOP.

Jenner on Tuesday came to the defense of comedian Dave Chappelle, an outspoken advocate of free speech who has been refusing to cave to the pressure of the transgenderists to leave “trans” people out of his jokes.

Chappelle’s recent special The Closer has caused transgenderist to cry bloody murder, and it is even surprising that Netflix, a company generally known for its wokeism, ran it in the first place.

‘We must never yield or bow’

Since then, despite vocal vile protests by the transgenderists, Chappelle has refused to apologize or otherwise cave down and kowtow to the sick gender ideology.

Coming to Chappelle’s defense, Jenner – who has been described as the most famous transgender woman in the world – declared that the comedian is “100% right”.

Jenner said on Twitter the supposed controversy surrounding Chappelle isn’t about the rights of the “LGBTQ movement.”

Instead, she emphasized that it is about “woke cancel culture” which has gone berserk, and its vicious attempts to “silence free speech.”

Jenner then went even further than that: she declared that “we must never yield or bow” to the factors trying to prevent “us from speaking our minds.”

It is precisely such types of courageous individuals, whom the censors consider to be their own, who are dealing the most devastating blows to the lunacies of transgenderism and wokeism seeking to destroy America and establish far-left totalitarian nothingness.